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    Purna Danthe Knife

    Excellent looking dagger!
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    Lite weight M-43 for 5/7

    One of the best using knives on this planet!
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    Sunday Evening Special Tarwar

    EMS purple heart tarwar stand by bawanna for my Tarwar! Got the done deal! Thank you Yangdu and Bawanna!
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    Miri Dau Elephant tracker Knife

    I have never even seen a Elephant tracker Knife before. Looks very useful.
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    Kali Sword

    Who gottem? I love a curved blade!
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    Blem Bowie for 7/29

    Congratulations Bawanna! Fantastic knife!
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    Beautiful YCS

    I've also got a yin yangless one. Nice, but nowhere near as nice as this one! Congratulations!
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    Mini Tarwar for 5/18--Pix and beautiful offerings

    I love the curve to that one. Come to think of it, I love the curve to mine as well. Fantastic knife and congratulations! You are going to like.
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    Sun and Moon Tarwar

    I love the curve in the blade. I also love the length/weight! This is my favorite sword that i have ever seen.
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    End of the Year Sale for 12/29

    I love the curved handle as well!
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    End of the Year Sale for 12/29

    Got the done deal on the Gopte!
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    End of the Year Sale for 12/29

    Email sent for Gopte by Kumar Done deal!
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    End of the Year Sale

    Double tap.
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    End of the Year Sale

    Had to check them all, just in case.
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    Himalayan Imports Kothimoda Khukuri

    The Kukri can take it no matter what. But I would fear something falling on the sheath accidently. I would have to lay it 50' clear of where I was chopping. But suppose a ground hog or Raven crept up while chopping and stole the sheath!
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    Best knife for heavy chopping?

    For heavy chopping I like 28-32 ounces.
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    HI Black Friday deals

    Man, what a crows knife!!! Bigger is better! Congratulations!
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    Deals for 11/15 --Pix, Ganga Ram and beautiful offerings

    Fantastic deals! That Ganga Ram is heavy though. I would like one about 32 ounces.
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    Field test

    What a beauty! Congratulations to the stealth shark.
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    Going home gift from Father for 10/25

    No doubt! But, it is meant for George.:);)