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    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    G’Day, Nathan’s Mom, I guess you will have seen by now that your young Nathan is widely and deeply respected by a substantial and worldwide community of discerning knife buyers and users. And, of course, so are numerous other makers. However, I have to add that in my estimation and I...
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    One 3V, one AEBL, thank you. paid in process
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    CLOSED, Field Knife 2 pre-order, The Return of the Field Knife (2)

    Put me down for a buffed burlap handle with drop loop, please. 12/12 shipped
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    Photos Help

    Yep, they're very similar really. Just a bunch of little, nit-picky differences to the eye. I reckon the most important one is the one you can't see - SY77, so even tougher than the similar Swamp Rats. Pretty special tool.
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    Photos Help

    Pretty much 100% that it is one of the original Scrap Yard Scrapper 6's. To be sure they were 0.275" to the Camp Tramp's 0.250" and full flat ground compared to saber ground. And 6.5" compared to 7.5". Oh, and SY77 instead of SR101. That is the type Noss couldn't break back in the day. All...
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    CLOSED, PRE-ORDER, 12" Behemoth Chopper

    One with antique, thanks. 1/5 paid awaiting scales 12/10 shipped
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    katana lost curve after heat treatment?

    PirateSeulb is quite right, the curve in a katana blade is the result of the differential quench due to the claying with the edge cooling first and faster and ending up as harder but less dense martensite with the spine cooling slower and ending up softer but denser pearlite. The edge ends up...
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    Heat Treating for Flex

    I have the greatest respect for you bluntcut and your expertise in cutlery steels, but I just can’t read that explanation in that graph. I can’t help but think that you may be misinterpreting what they are trying to show. I’ll also say that it isn’t real obvious to me either, but I will have a...
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    Photos 2G BME!!

    Yep, completely. And the consequent 40g of weight, of course. For me, the handle really suits the BMe2 best.
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    CLOSED, The Not-A-Survival-Knife pre-order sale thread (Heavy Duty Field Knife), CLOSED

    I'll take one in tan micarta, please. 11/21 knife ready, waiting for TL sheaths. will ship next week 11/27 shipped
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    CLOSED Pre-Order, Light Choppers, 3V, micarta, TeroTuf, CLOSED, SHIPPED

    One buffed, natural micata and one TeroTuf, please. No sheaths. Thanks.
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    It's here!!!! FK Destruction Video!!!

    Thanks very much on_the_edge, that is exactly the context that I was interested in. As before, your efforts are greatly appreciated. timichango - I have to say that Nathan's posts are, in my opinion anyway, the most consistently information dense and credible that I know of. This one on his...
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    It's here!!!! FK Destruction Video!!!

    While Nathan gets on with doing what he does best, I will make a couple of observations, if I may. The ABS test is widely acknowledged by the Smiths themselves not to be an example of their finest performing work but rather a demonstration that you have mastered enough specific skills to...
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    Share your thoughts on proxy buying please.

    Normally I would think that my opinion is hardly relevant, but since you asked so politely and it does impact me; my thoughts – Clearly it is Nathan’s business (in both senses of the word) entirely how he chooses to sell his work. This method works well for CPK and certainly filling up...
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    Basic 8s... tang types...

    Sort of. My B11 spine measures just over 6.7mm at the ricasso, then necks down to about 5.7mm immediately in front, but it then gets fatter again until it gets very near to 6.7mm again out close to where the sweep up to the tip starts. A bi-directional distal taper. Fairly complicated for...
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    Field Knife pre-order thread, CLOSED

    Put me down for one with natural micarta, please. sent PM 9/9 Invoiced and paid shipped 10/1, please let me know if your don't get a tracking # in email, please. Thanks! Jo
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    Carothers/Loriendesign Chopper WiP

    Firstly, I am very impressed with your design, and I have always been immensely impressed with Nathan's work, so I am eagerly waiting my opportunity to pick up one your light choppers. I tried to find an easy way to ask privately but couldn't quickly so I have to ask here; is that BWM really...
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    Question for the Aussie hogs

    Litchfield Park is a popular day trip from Darwin with a bit of most of the local terrains and wildlife, except salties 'cause there are a number of swimming holes there they do try to keep them out. Further down the road is Edith Falls near to Katherine which is good for birds and swimming...
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    Blade ID...

    Should be around 0.301 to 0.306" depending on paint. All the original FFBMs, from the Company Store, were shaped like that one IIRC. Later, all sorts of things happened.
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    Blood moon !!!

    Hey RussMo, yep, my wife came out with a set of bino's for a look-see, which I did borrow for a bit, but I thought I would take the time to chuck a camera on a tripod and snap off a few shots while it lasted. You know what hit me when I saw your shot? Kind of obvious but it made me smile...