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  1. bpeezer

    Pics of customized production knives

    Yes, gentle touches with the disk. There was a video a few years back of one of the Begg brothers doing something similar and I wanted to give it a shot!
  2. bpeezer

    What fliiper is closest to bm 940?

    The soon to be released Benchmade Proxy
  3. bpeezer

    Anyone else tired of the excessive flipper craze?

    It doesn't take a wave to ruin your pants!
  4. bpeezer

    Opinions : Most under-rated production knife brand?

    I'm apparently in the minority here, but I was blown away by the quality of my decade edition Boker Plus Exskelibur. I find the finish of the carbon fiber on par or better than my limited edition ZTs.
  5. bpeezer

    BF Acronym List

    SRBS: Single Row Bearing System MRBS: Multi Row Bearing System SRRBS: Single Row Roller Bearing System DRRBS: Dual Row Roller Bearing System HRD: Hoback Rolling Detent LBS: Lock Bar Stabilizer DLC: Diamond Like Carbon PVD: Physical Vapor Deposition
  6. bpeezer


    Knives are my toys, I have no delusions about that. I don't really NEED an ultra wear resistant cutting tool, but I'll be damned if it doesn't put a smile on my face.
  7. bpeezer

    Anyone else tired of the excessive flipper craze?

    I probably have a problem, my thumbs must be too weak :p
  8. bpeezer

    Anyone else tired of the excessive flipper craze?

    Here are three examples that have worked well for me so far. The Curtiss has an over travel stop built into the pivot, the Hinderer has one on the frame, and the Shirogorov has one integrated with the steel lock interface.
  9. bpeezer

    Anyone else tired of the excessive flipper craze?

    Are you familiar with lock bar over travel stops? You're not the only one who recognized that the frame lock could be compromised by overextending the lock bar, and now we have more robust designs that still have the sexy (IMO ;)) aesthetics of the frame lock.
  10. bpeezer

    HHT 4 cts 204p

    Are you consistently HHT 2 or 3 along the whole edge? Edit: And do you have a microscope or loupe you could take pictures with?
  11. bpeezer

    Anodizing details

    From my limited understanding, I believe heat induced oxidation produces colors comparable to the lower half (ish) spectrum of colors produced by electro anodizing. IIRC, I got purples around the 15-20 volt range, and transitioned into blues with lighter blue coming around 30-35 volts. I seem...
  12. bpeezer

    Help me find my grail knife!

    Keep your eye on the exchange, I picked up a brand new 95 for much less than that. I can't recommend it enough :thumbup:
  13. bpeezer

    EDC VI Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Enjoying both my Franken-Hills and the newest addition to my collection!
  14. bpeezer

    RAT 1 Problem

    The washer missing is definitely a problem. I don't have any experience with Ontario's warranty, but this does sound like a good excuse for a new knife :D
  15. bpeezer


    From what I've read, it sounds like changing the shape and formulation of the media will have more of an impact than going bigger. I have not been able to find any tumbling media larger than I currently have, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  16. bpeezer


    So I picked up a vibratory tumbler and some ceramic media, and figured I'd have some fun with my Reate Franken-Hills. I thought you guys might like to see the process and results. I started out by giving the flats a hand rubbed satin finish, and then sticking the handles in the tumbler for 1...
  17. bpeezer

    Great Success! 9V Battery Anodizing - Boker Kwaiken Edition

    Nice work! I highly recommend picking up a power supply like the SMT Micro Anodizer.
  18. bpeezer

    Grail knife

    Shirogorov custom division 95 seashell with timascus clip and hardware, M390 blade, MRBS, and mirrored flats :eek: I might make an exception for Elmax, but I'm not sure if I'd jump for S90V.
  19. bpeezer

    Do you sharpen knives to the point that your afraid to let someone use it?

    Only afraid because they frequently damage my beautifully hand sharpened edges :(