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  1. Sgt_Bobbo


    I’m interested in the tomberlin
  2. Sgt_Bobbo


    I know it’s a long shot but do you still have the birdvis?
  3. Sgt_Bobbo

    Rockstead Knowledge Thread

    It was from knifecenter. They are going to take care of me so that is nice.
  4. Sgt_Bobbo

    Rockstead Knowledge Thread

    Well I got mine and I love it. The scales are out of this world. One problem is there is a crack in them so sadly I will be replacing it. I am pretty bummed as I have never had ironwood this light and with such tones. Everything else is perfect though.
  5. Sgt_Bobbo

    Rockstead Knowledge Thread

    Hello all, I just purchased a Higo X in YXR7 and am super excited to get it. I have a few questions for those that own one. How is the sheath that comes with it? DO you miss not having a pocket clip? I I have never carried a larger (+3 inches) without a clip but I love the ironwood scales and...
  6. Sgt_Bobbo

    *WITHDRAWN* Medford Praetorian TI S35VN

    Message posted to your profile page.
  7. Sgt_Bobbo

    MKT Arktika SOLD

    Message sent to your profile as I cannot send a private message.
  8. Sgt_Bobbo

    Sm. Cross Hatch

    message sent to your profile page
  9. Sgt_Bobbo

    Enrique Pena LC flipper

    Any trade interest?
  10. Sgt_Bobbo


    message sent to your profile page in regards to the praetorian. I would like pictures. Email is [email protected]
  11. Sgt_Bobbo

    Medford Micro Praetorians

    I have a Hinderer XM-18 vintage I would put towards the Black Praetorian.
  12. Sgt_Bobbo

    SOLD william henry b-12

    Message sent to your profile.
  13. Sgt_Bobbo

    G-Shocks!!!!! Prices Reduced

    I love those frogmans, wish I could buy one.
  14. Sgt_Bobbo

    Welding helmet advice?

    Do these helmets work for protecting your eyes if staring in to the forge?
  15. Sgt_Bobbo

    Question about NC Forges

    Thanks Stacy. Sounds like the Lowboy is the way to go.
  16. Sgt_Bobbo

    Question about NC Forges

    BTW, which one would you guys recommend, the knifemaker 2 burner or the lowboy?
  17. Sgt_Bobbo

    Question about NC Forges

    Thank you Stacy, you have eased my concerns.