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  1. safetyman

    Thys Meades Fixed Barlow

    Can you post a picture of it please? ETA: Thank you for posting pic of belt loop.
  2. safetyman

    Thys Meades Fixed Barlow

    Does sheath have a belt loop?
  3. safetyman

    Bill Ruple 2-Blade Trapper

    Thank you for the spine shot. The knife is a beauty!
  4. safetyman

    Bill Ruple 2-Blade Trapper

    Is there filework on spine?
  5. safetyman

    Jerry Halfrich baby rounder SOLD

    I’ll take it if still available.
  6. safetyman

    Ken Steigerwalt collection for sale

    I’ll take the stag lot per our PMs. ETA: Payment sent.
  7. safetyman

    How long would you wait before disputing through PayPal?

    Yes, it took a few days for him to ship the knife but I did get it. I initially offered to buy the knife as a way to help him out. I gave him the option to buy it back up to three months afterwards should he recover financially. I haven’t heard anything back yet but there is still a month or so...
  8. safetyman

    USER 1/300 SHBM smooth handles bolts - cheap

    If it’s still available I’ll take it please.
  9. safetyman

    Ryu Kawamura - Lannys clip - stag - SOLD

    I’ll take this per our PMs please. ETA: Payment sent.
  10. safetyman

    Natural Canvas Ultralite

    How thick is the knife? Can you post a picture please?
  11. safetyman

    SOLD Schatt & Morgan 042169 due to hardship

    Your inbox is full. I’d like to send you a message about buying your knife. ETA: $150 payment sent via PayPal.
  12. safetyman

    Ruby Red Lockback (SOLD)

    Can you post a picture showing the thickness of the knife please? ETA: Thanks for updating post with new picture!
  13. safetyman

    FSOT Leupold RX-650 Rangefinder $100

    So what forms of payment can you accept?
  14. safetyman

    Ryu full size 1306sold

    I’ll take this please
  15. safetyman

    <ALL SOLD> PROTOTYPE Backspacers for Lg 21, Inkosi & Umnumzaan

    I’ll take two charcoal g10 cogged and one charcoal g10 smooth for Umnumzaan please.
  16. safetyman

    Johan Ellis Lanny's Clip in Warthog Tusk and CF - Custom. SOLD

    Would the knife be shipped from the US or Canada?
  17. safetyman

    User FBMLE

    Tried to PM you but your inbox is full. I may consider a trade if it is for a blade I like. I am interested in custom slipjoint/lock backs and larger Busse knives. Been waiting for a choilless Boss Street to pop up.
  18. safetyman

    User FBMLE

    Here’s a used FBMLE for your consideration. Serial is #901. Blade has a some small surface rust spots and scratches. Handles are damp from being wiped down so the tigerhide isn’t showing well. Comes with a Azwelke sheath. Price is $725 shipped. Gold and higher members get a $25 discount on price.