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  1. kiltedmonkey

    Bark River, Fiddleback Forge, Cold Steel

    I do still have it. Send me an email - [email protected]
  2. kiltedmonkey

    TRC classic freedom

    I will take it.
  3. kiltedmonkey

    LTWK, Battle Horse, mostly Bark River

    No, sorry... all of these are gone.
  4. kiltedmonkey

    Spyderco Slysz Swayback, GM ACE Nimbus V2, & Olamic Whippersnapper

    Prices are all-in, shipped to the US (willing to ship elsewhere, but will have to discuss additional shipping costs). Trades considered, but not leaning that direction. Pics: ***GONE*** Olamic Tactical Whippersnapper - Satin 20CV Sheepsfoot blade. Dark blast Ti body...
  5. kiltedmonkey

    Bark River CDPH, Essential II, Nihon Utility, & Seaxes

    It is, thank you Doc. I got it from someone you would recognize from the FB groups. Passing it on because I don't find myself carrying it.
  6. kiltedmonkey

    Bark River CDPH, Essential II, Nihon Utility, & Seaxes

    Yes... and in this context that typically refers to Conversations, not to the [public, not private] messages posted on profiles.
  7. kiltedmonkey

    Bark River CDPH, Essential II, Nihon Utility, & Seaxes

    ... that's not a PM. But more importantly, the Mini Bush Seax already sold.
  8. kiltedmonkey

    Bark River CDPH, Essential II, Nihon Utility, & Seaxes

    All w/ box and all but the Essential are uncarried, unused, & unsharpened. All have been in their sheaths. Prices are PP G&S all-in/shipped. No trades at this time. Bush Seax Bantam (L.E.) - A2, Black G10, yellow liners. Treated sheath. $165 Classic Drop Point Hunter (First Production Run) -...
  9. kiltedmonkey

    Gregory Picard Front-flipper

    Gregory Picard Coutelier (France) custom Ti frame-lock front-flipper. Stainless Damascus clip & pivot collar. Cryo-quenched D2 blade. Beautiful design w/ rough 'hand-hewn' working finish... no shiny 'machined perfection' here. Very nice action. Carried a handful of times, unused, un-sharpened...
  10. kiltedmonkey

    Bark River, Wilkins, DED, TRM, Ahti, Peña, Stonewood

    Prices are PayPal G&S all-in, shipped CONUS. More pics in imgur link below. Trade offers welcome, but TBH the list of what I am looking for is currently shorter than usual. Bark River Bush Seax Bantam (Limited Edition) - A2, Black G10, yellow liners. Very light carry & use. Unsharpened. W/ box...
  11. kiltedmonkey

    REDUCED: Ray Laconico Kephart and William Collins (WC) Woodsman Jr.

    Comment for feedback. (Yes, the Laconico Kephart is as pretty as Rob's pictures make it look.)
  12. kiltedmonkey

    Joe Loui, Bark River, Wilkins, TRM, Battle Horse

    Joe Loui Bushcrafter #1118 - 1084 Carbon Steel, Shredded Carbon Fiber, Glow Liners. Two Drunken Celts sheath. Unused, unsharpened*. No box. $280 Bark River Classic Drop Point Hunter - 3V, Black & Green Linen Micarta, Black Guard & Pins. Original leather sheath & box. Unused, unsharpened*. $175...
  13. kiltedmonkey

    Reate K-1 Mokuti

    Reate K-1 Mokuti - M390, Ti & Mokuti. Very light carry & use. $575 PP G&S, shipped CONUS. Not looking for trades at this time. More/better pic & video:
  14. kiltedmonkey

    Microtech LUDT

    Brand new (06/2020 from DLT drop), plain-edge, uncoated/stonewash M390 blade, black Al. Unused, un-carried, just fired a few times and fondled briefly before deciding it was excellent, but not for me. (Autos mostly aren't, bit this was one I had been curious about.) $225 PP G&S, shipped CONUS...