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  1. Ed Caffrey

    how to win friends and influence knifemaking - maybe

    I'm going to break a long silence on these particular forums and say "Thank You" to Matthew for his insight on this particular subject. Many of the things he mentioned are the very reasons why I no longer post or offer advice on BF. Speaking strictly for myself, when I attempt to answer...
  2. Ed Caffrey

    I.C.C.E What are you bringing to K.C.

    Got in on this thread late...... I have 3 of my "Split Personality" Flippers ready for the show, am working on sheaths for a couple of damascus hunters......and just finished this one yesterday.....
  3. Ed Caffrey

    Who uses carbon steel?

    I have to assume that you are using the words "carbon steel" to refer to the non-stainless varieties of steel. Frankly, the only advantage that a "stainless" steel has over a "non-stainless" is the level of care/maintenance. Over the last decade or so, the choice that knife buyers make has...
  4. Ed Caffrey

    To weld or not to weld

    It CAN work, but doing it in such a manner as to have it work, is tedious..... TIG, with similar material rod, pre-heat, post-heat, anneal, etc. If you're planning on using a stick or MIG weld, then its not a matter of IF it will fail, its a matter of WHEN. In general its just a bad idea...
  5. Ed Caffrey

    Forged In Fire

    Well, one of the reprecussions of this show happened to me yesterday. Got a phone call from a fella wanting to order "a chopping knife". We chatted about what he wanted, and I quoted him a price..... his response was "What!? Are you crazy? I saw that show on the History Channel......and I...
  6. Ed Caffrey

    Testing for J.S. or M.S.? Any questions?

    Just wanted to pop in and offer KUDOS to Michael for putting in the time and effort on this thread! I've done a good deal of judging at both the JS and MS levels, and can tell you that its nerve wracking as a judge too. Everyone who judges has been on the other end at some point in time, and...
  7. Ed Caffrey

    What is the best/safest way for me to get my knives to the (Blade) show?

    Thats interesting. We only have Delta and United airlines as choices to get to Atlanta.....and they flat will not allow a case to be locked (with anything other then a TSA loclk...which is about like no lock at all) unless there is a firearm in the case. I have to believe that TSA operates a...
  8. Ed Caffrey

    What is the best/safest way for me to get my knives to the (Blade) show?

    I do the same as Karl..... I have a small el-cheapo .22 pistol that gets put on the top layer of the Doskosil hard case.....declare that you have a firearm at checkin, TSA comes and checks it, then requires TWO padlocks. You keep the keys, and TSA hand carries it to the plane. In Atlanta, it...
  9. Ed Caffrey

    BLADE SHOW ’2015' ~ Show Us What You Got!

    Here's another of my large Gen2 models. I just managed to get some decent pictures today. This just goes to show that when you can't get the exact color you want when just use them all! :) Blade is San-Mai, 1084/15N20 "W" pattern core, and exterior is...
  10. Ed Caffrey

    BLADE SHOW ’2015' ~ Show Us What You Got!

    Heres a couple I will have at the show..... Bowie with laminate Mosaic Blade, and carved/textured African Blackwood handle... And a twist on my Gen2 flippers, what I'm calling "Split Personality".... Side 1: Side 2: I also have a preview page on my website...
  11. Ed Caffrey

    BLADE SHOW ’2013 – Show us what you got; Please!

    Couldn't seem to get the pics to post, but here's a link to the Preview page on my website: With all the health issues I've had for the last year, I surprised myself by getting them done for the show. I go to the Show this week, come...
  12. Ed Caffrey

    Burgmaster turret drill

    I got an email asking for information on the parts source for Burgmasters.....the individual who sent it doesn't accept email from the forums, so I thought I'd give it out here.... Mar-Matt Company 3151 Chestnut Ave. Long Beach, CA. 90806 Phone: 562-427-8620 That was the latest info I...
  13. Ed Caffrey

    Can someone help me ID a custom knife and makers mark please...looks like a?

    Sorry I can't help identify the maker, but this does illustrate the point I harp on about a maker marking his/her knives with at the very least a name.....if people can't find you, they certainly cannot purchase/order a knife from you!
  14. Ed Caffrey

    ABS Expo Knives

    I know it's late in the game...and I didn't get a preview posted on my site this time, but here's a few of the knives I will have at the ABS Expo this coming weekend in San Antonio, TX: First up is a Mosaic Damascus/416 Laminate folder in my "Sonue" pattern... Next is a Mosaic Bowie/Hunter...
  15. Ed Caffrey

    Where'd you learn to make knives?

    I've had many "teachers" along the way. A gentleman by the name of Eric Harris got me started forging, a member of the Knifemaker's Guild by the name of Beryl Driskill was the first real knifemakers to take me under his wing, and taught me much about handles, guards. and fit/finish. I've...
  16. Ed Caffrey

    Knives for Victory December Auction now Active!

    The December Auction for Knives for Victory is up and running! I have made a commitment to auction off one knife per month, for approx the next three years, with all proceeds going our Church building fund. To visit the auction please click on the following image: For addition...
  17. Ed Caffrey

    Giant, curvy fighting bowie...

    Nick.....that wood has acne! I'll bet if you rubbed it down with Proactiv, it would clear up least that's what the commercials claim. :p Just kidding pal! That's a killer piece! YOU DA MAN!!
  18. Ed Caffrey

    Just updated my Site.....lots of new stuff

    Just finished updating my website. Besides my "Knives for Victory" campaign/auctions, I've added some knives to my Available Page, posted a page with my new "Gen-2" Hunters, and put the latest batch of EBKs up. WHEW! Think I'll take the rest of the evening off, spend a little time with...
  19. Ed Caffrey

    Knives for Victory....First Auction up and running!

    Thanks Everyone! I really appreciated all the support! Hey Mike! I was wondering if you'd gotten the hammer. Give it a good work out, and if you have any suggestions for improving it, I'm always happy to hear them.....always seeking to make them more user friendly.
  20. Ed Caffrey

    Knives for Victory....First Auction up and running!

    Sometimes I wonder if I didn't over extend myself with the commitment I made (one knife a month for 3 years), but I'm gona give it my best. It's a cause I strongly believe in, and well worth it.