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  1. BrokenLinx

    Rovyvon A9 (SOLD); Gil-Tek Ti RUK; Tom Bihn ID Bag

    You gonna buy me a drink first! Edit: Payment sent. Thanks Peter!
  2. BrokenLinx

    Rovyvon A9 (SOLD); Gil-Tek Ti RUK; Tom Bihn ID Bag

    Hello fellow DFW EDC'r. I'll take the Cu A9 if still available. PM to follow.
  3. BrokenLinx

    Spyderco pm2 20cv, Hogue, Shaman scales

    I'll take the Shaman scales.
  4. BrokenLinx

    SOLD - Bull Knives ShamWeri

    Sold and paid for my friend. But I will look you up if it doesn't fit in my collection.
  5. BrokenLinx

    All sold or withdrawn

    I'll take the Neutron
  6. BrokenLinx

    FS: 2015 Victorinox steel blue alox

    Nice grab. Been looking for a Cadet.
  7. BrokenLinx

    The Reckoning : Part 1 - Benchmade, Microtech, ZT, Efros, etc.

    Hey all… Thank you for taking the time to check out round 1 of the knife collection reckoning. Every one of these samples are on the block because they persistently get out-selected by another specific knife in the collection. All prices are OBRO and includes USPS Priority shipping with $50...
  8. BrokenLinx

    Spyderco Superleaf Domino

    PM sent in the Domino.
  9. BrokenLinx


    And the Southard
  10. BrokenLinx


    I'll take the EZC
  11. BrokenLinx

    Benchmade SuperFreek

    Really been wanting to try one, and couldn't pass this deal up. Definitely looking forward to it.