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  1. mPisi

    Gollik - 5" N690 **SOLD**

    PP Sent
  2. mPisi

    Gollik - 5" N690 **SOLD**

    Mine. Please send payment info, it's too long since the last time! Scot
  3. mPisi

    Unbound knives: ''Phobos'' (SOLD)

    Hell of a deal for a big knife that's not a sharpened prybar!
  4. mPisi

    Two unique EDC blades...SOLD!

    Very nice work! That matching stitching on the sheath is a great touch.
  5. mPisi


    My favorite special model! Looks like a good classic one here.
  6. mPisi

    wild hunt

    Got it today (quick shipping to US), what a beast of a blade! Great job! I am planning other ways to put coins on a handle now.
  7. mPisi

    wild hunt

    I'll take it, let me know your payment info.
  8. mPisi

    Gollik - EDCs **price drop, free shipping**

    I'll take the SL EDC#1
  9. mPisi

    EDC collection, new photos with sheaths

    Posting for feedback. Great knife and fast shipping to the US. Verrrry sharp! Thanks Nick!
  10. mPisi

    Gollik - Tactical **SOLD**

    Very nice combo! I hope to buy another one from you someday.
  11. mPisi

    SOLD, Heavy Duty Field Knives, Delta 3V

    One please, terotuf and teklok. Thanks!
  12. mPisi

    Ten 3" EDC, Delta 3V

    In for 1 if any still available, thanks!
  13. mPisi

    MLL Knives - Multipurpose knife

    Good to see you back!
  14. mPisi

    Shaerks Little Bushes - SOLD

    Email sent on yellow #3
  15. mPisi

    Yevsa Cherokee Special for Bo

    Looks good to this YCS shark.
  16. mPisi

    CHILDRESS two hunters**

    PP sent (sorry for slow response). Happy new year!
  17. mPisi

    CHILDRESS two hunters**

    I'll take the #2
  18. mPisi

    M. K. - “Torrent” /SOLD/

    I'll take it (I sent email last night but haven't heard back). Thanks, Scot
  19. mPisi

    Ghost Jade "Mook" up for grabs!

    I'll take it!