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    ESEE Forums

    Why did we lose the ESEE forums? I was away for a couple weeks and poof no posting! I messaged a moderator and got no response.
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    GUYS AND GALS!!! Contest to help me come up with a t-shirt slogan!!

    Y'all ever come anyhwere near CO
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    How bout a contest?

    Sexy as a Fletcher More Curves than a Ulysses I'll show you my Bush... Operator World's Greatest Wife (I bought him a Fletcher)
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    Drop Leg Sheath for ESEE-4

    Thanks Guys Matthewdanger you said it all. A practical physics lesson in a post.
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    LOL'd Bear Grylls Knife

    I should have figured somonelse got to it. The ESEE forum is my world here I think I have gotten out of it once to look at a Fletcher knife, it was damn sexy. I wish we carried ESEE. Outfitting the weekend warriors is great with what we have but I deal with some great folks that depend on...
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    LOL'd Bear Grylls Knife

    Found these at my place of employment.... I laughed... Then got sad... My store carries sheeple knives. I guess if it gets someone thinking about being resourceful then great. I have decided to concentrate on that fact and have even considered hitting a rep up to loan me one to...
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    Sharpening your ESEE

    Wow... you should have tested out the new edge on your buddies wallet or favorite t-shirt. I am having to rethink my basic approach with all this good info... exactly what I am after. Perhaps just one stone that would do a decent job?
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    ESEE 3 Glass Break Pommel Test

    Great video! Now archived into my brain "hit the edge". Thanks so many of us would not have known this with out your test. When you get that sample knife from Jeff show us some egress carnage!
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    Drop Leg Sheath for ESEE-4

    mathewdanger is right wearing it higher is pivotal. Here I carried it lower and had the "humping dog" problem Then I moved it up (rides a lil close to my man berries) I carry my .45 in a drop holster for 2 reasons: -Pack belt gets in the way -When I take the pack off and...
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    Knife Care in the Field

    SALAMI HIJACK! *insert Mario noise here!*
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    Izula Decals?

    Hank and Dagny speed here! Maybe put them in with the forum knife? I also Like the "Apple" idea. Oh and I would like one too please.
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    Sharpening your ESEE

    Interseting just watched the wicked edge videos, that is a complicated system.
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    Woods jacket

    Oooh das 'spensive! But you pay for good stuff. I like alot of the features. Not sure about the cotton in it though.
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    Water Treatment

    I have buddy who guides in Nepal and he loves his Vario. Great feature is even if the ceramic disc freezes and breaks, you still are set. I have been looking into the Sawyer System .1 micron absolute and its a passive gravity system. It is a filtering system used for kidney dialysis and...
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    Sharpening your ESEE

    So let’s do this. In a forum with Knife makers, enthusiasts, and the hopelessly addicted we'll put up a good basic question. How should you sharpen your ESEE knife? Stone? Oil? Technique? Is there a good video on YouTube you recommend? We all know how to do it but the question I...
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    Not sure if anyone has brought these up...

    They look sahweet, If I had some disposable income maybe. They look rugged as hell and I like the reuse of material. I like my leather hat best, I put all the scars, fade, and sweat rings into it : )
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    Woods jacket

    Give E-Vent fabric a shot. It is so efficient their jackets don't even have pit zips.
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    Woods jacket

    I stay away from cotton as much as I can. It loses its loft when wet. If you are in a cold environment, or a wet one I wouldn't get cotton. On the river the only cotton we have is our bandannas. Layers are the way to go: Shell (E-Vent Fabric, Gore-Tex) Mid-layer (OXT fleece) Base...
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    1,000 Post Skills Contest...

    No cam... must get resourceful. Will you accept rudimentary sketches in a flip book?!? I kid, I kid. Gotta find a camera. DO you have any other guidelines or is that the point, no rules lotsa fun?
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    Burial Blades

    :thumbup: Well put sir.