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  1. xbxb

    Blades upon Books - Traditionals

    Such beautiful knives. Thanks so much
  2. xbxb

    Buck 310

    Buck 309 T, I've carry this in my pocket for years. Great little knife and better than a muskrat at least for me. Hey guys I've got a question?? why is this a 309 and yours are 310's ?? Do I have a mistake here. OK, well I did some investigating and came up with this from a...
  3. xbxb

    Ragg Bone Barlow Thanks Charlie

    Love to shoot pins Charley!!! Tried shooting them at the bowling alley one day and got into a little trouble though.;)
  4. xbxb

    The Sweet 16 GAW Winner and Non-Winner picked!

    OK I'll fix the post even though i talked about a light saber. Here's a nice Schrade I have carried for years. It's very pocket worn at this time and one of my favorites.
  5. xbxb

    Ragg Bone Barlow Thanks Charlie

    the thing actually works better with that melted grip. I just use it for fine adjustments.:thumbup:
  6. xbxb

    Ragg Bone Barlow Thanks Charlie

    355 gr. 44 mag. they go about 1000 ft./ sec.......and knock stuff over when they hit it. I mean really knock stuff over.:wink:
  7. xbxb

    Ragg Bone Barlow Thanks Charlie

    I left it on top of the hot water heater
  8. xbxb

    Ragg Bone Barlow Thanks Charlie

    I asked him for the Raggiest one he had and ---- he obliged.:)
  9. xbxb

    Winner see Post 50-GAW: Thank you for being such a great place

    Well heck ya. Thanks for the opportunity. This Ragg Bone Lick Creek Barlow has been in my front pocket for the past couple of weeks and is becoming my favorite.
  10. xbxb

    Ragg Bone Barlow Thanks Charlie

    I would like to thank Charlie for the contest and the knife I won. I received a beautiful Ragg Bone Lick Creek Barlow and put it to use slicing, dicing, home chores, and it found a place on my reloading bench. It resides in my pocket on an everyday basis. I love this little thing.
  11. xbxb

    Swiss Army Knife GAW - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Very interesting Thread!! Yes I'd love to participate. I enjoy gardening. and taking my truck fishing.
  12. xbxb

    Winner, Winner!! Name that Bone! Yep! Another Giveaway! Added Comments!

    thanks guys that was really very nice of you.
  13. xbxb

    Winner, Winner!! Name that Bone! Yep! Another Giveaway! Added Comments!

    Whooooo Hooooo!!! I just got home from work this morning and much to my surprise ----- Look what happened!!! So thank you all soo much and Charlie you are always so generous. Just to let you know I have not purchased a knife for 3 yrs. My 40 yr. old son became ill and my wife and I have been...
  14. xbxb

    WINNER ANNOUNCED! That's a thousand with three zeroes?!? (Traditional knife GAW)

    I toss in my 2016 Knife of the year. This is the one that rattles around in my pocket and feels the most friendly. It's a Schrade NY U.S.A. 233. The bone is nice and smooth but still grips well, the blades have an interesting patina now that I've spent several years chopping up apples, raw...
  15. xbxb

    Grab Bag Giveaway II the winner is #9 SA Condor

    This Schrade rides in my pocket many days out of the week. Hope you enjoy looking at it.
  16. xbxb

    (UPDATE 6/16/16 - WINNER ANNOUNCED) I was going to do a giveaway, but my dog ate it

    IM IN! Thanks so much. I too have not been able to spend as much time here as I would like. i care for my son who has been ill for the past 3 yrs. so I have had limited time. Sure is a pretty dog.
  17. xbxb

    Winner, Winner!! Name that Bone! Yep! Another Giveaway! Added Comments!

    hobo bone spike bone Walden bone Titus bone Kauhava bone Red Step bone Brahman Bone dump truck bone rag bone Flat Iron bone blood bone midden bone drifter bone dodger bone peddler bone panhandler bone toss bone depot bone Bouquet bone smokey bone 30 mile bone Chinkapin...
  18. xbxb

    Schrade 61OT at work yesterday

    FAUSTO!!!!! So good to hear from you. Hope things are going good for you. Thanks for making contact with me. You're #1 Fausto:thumbup:
  19. xbxb

    Schrade 61OT at work yesterday

    Well this last week has been a little rough on me with all the physical work I had to do. I moved 9 cubic yards of dirt around the house (trusty wheelbarrow) and about 30 bags of mulch. I was constantly using my old Schrade 61OT. Slicing dicing and performing any kind of cutting that had to...
  20. xbxb

    Lets Talk Muskrats!

    Now that's a Muskrat. If I could ever own just 1 knife it would be a Schrade Walden Hawbaker. I have to leave the room I'm starting to shake.