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  1. twid

    Best fully serrated folder under $75

    I'm going on 6 years now with my serrated Tasman salt clipped to my back pocket everyday. My dad carries a Pacific salt for a few years now too.
  2. twid


    All the pictures in the link of fakes have a torx pivot screw. This is 1 of 2 of my orange ones. 1 bought at new graham and one at a local knife store in 2009. Mine has a hex/allen screw. Edit to add - just check my Para 1's and all three have a different torx screws in the pivots so maybe...
  3. twid

    Tanto Blades love em or hate em.

    My only tanto. Not my favorite but it's a good knife.
  4. twid

    Strider Stop Pin

    No pic since I've trade my SnG a while ago but I had it sent for repair and it came with the stop pin that is fatter on the Ti side. It didn't look bad to me. What sucked was mine was a DGG and the new pin was sized for a regular Lego handle. It stuck out further on each side and would often...
  5. twid

    Cold steel AK47 or Recon 1???

    Why is that a bad idea? The motor in my car has an aluminum block, aluminum heads, and an aluminum manifold with an aluminum supercharger on top of it. Bolted and screwed together. These parts see way more stress than any pocket knife will.
  6. twid

    Cold steel AK47 or Recon 1???

    I have both. I love the AK-47. The Recon just sits in my truck. I do use it once in a while but I don't care for the finger grooves at the top of the handle. Doesn't fit me well. The AK is a great work knife for me though and I've found many uses for the pommel.
  7. twid

    The Cheaper Spyderco ParaMilitary G-10 Plain Edge Knife is worth..?

    I carry a Para 1 everyday and have several in different colors plus serrated. A D2 version in my pocket right now. I had a 2 but prefer the older ones. Most like the 2 better because of the pocket clip options and the shape at the bottom of the handle. The 2's are also available in a wider...
  8. twid

    Emergency truck knife?

    I have a CS Recon 1 for my work truck knife. I don't carry or use it much but it's there if I forget to put my regular carry knife in my pocket that day. I also have a SOG fast hawk in the toolbox. For under $20 why not? Then I have a LM Charge in my Mustang.
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    stories of regret? I never should have gotten rid of that knive...

    I traded one of my favorite knives an SnG gunner grip for a ZT0560 and I think $25 for gold membership free when they first came out thinking I would love it. The stop pin on the ZT fell out the first day I had it. I emailed the person I traded with that he sent me a defective knife and the...
  10. twid

    folding knife for 8 year old

    My son is 10 now but has had a Spyderco Dragonfly 2 since he was 8. He also has a collection of Spyderco ladybugs that he's accumulated since he was about 5. He always wanted a Paramilitary like mine and I told him when he was 10 he could have one. 10 came fast. I got him a digital camo Para 1...
  11. twid

    Do you have an +$100 EDC..?

    I sold all of my expensive knives. My only over $100 ones now are a Sage 2 and orange Military. Work EDC is a Tasman salt and D2 paramilitary 1. Weekend usually the Sage.
  12. twid

    How do you carry your SAK?

    Pocket clip from a Boker mini magnum. I carry it clipped to my left pocket.
  13. twid

    Lock problems with zt0300?

    Pencil on the bottom of the blade where the lock bar contacts always worked on my striders. On some knives it would eventually wear a pattern and go away. On my SnG I would have to use a pencil every time I cleaned it.
  14. twid

    What's in your pocket...........RIGHT NOW.

    Alox Pioneer clipped to my left pocket. I've had this knife for about 4 years but never carried it until about 2 months ago when I ground off the lanyard ring and put the clip on. I've been carrying it everyday along with a serrated Tasman salt in my back right pocket. I love the Pioneer now.
  15. twid

    Full size handle w. short blade

    Paramilitary 1
  16. twid

    Lock problems with zt0300?

    Might have oil on the lock bar face. A few of my framelocks would stick like that if I put too much oil that would make it's way down there. The lube allows the lock to travel over more easily than before.
  17. twid

    Knife. Jar $$$

    I do plumbing and remodel work so I get scrap cast, steel, aluminum, brass and copper everyday from demo. When I want a knife or car part I sell it to the scrap yard. Bought my last Sebenza and half of my Mustang mods with free scrap metal.
  18. twid

    Knife "SONG", Why?

    My buddy did that on a pizza box. Tip went through the box and the wide blade slid down sliced the web between his fingers. Idiot.
  19. twid

    Great Interview with Thomas Welk from KAI (Kershaw)

    My dad grew up in the Philippines and was corrected for being left handed with a stick to the hand in school. Left hand was the dirty hand. I've heard back in the day and maybe even now in some countries that you wipe with the left, eat with the right. He never taught us that way so myself and...
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    Xmas is over, no more presents to buy, what's the next knife your buying yourself?

    Been thinking of replacing an SnG I traded a while ago or a Lefty Startac Umnumzaan. I've sent an email about ordering a TSF Beast in left hand as well but have not heard back yet. Then I'm also debating whether to spend money on a new knife or spend on the hobby car.