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  1. dobywon

    She's Back?... Who's Back? ..... Amy!.... Do You Mean The Legendary Amy-0?....

    WHAT?? Amy-O is the greatest, like Garth said, very friendly and awesome to talk to. Welcome back Home Amy-O!!
  2. dobywon

    Once a Hog always a Hog!!!

    God Ive missed this place! Hope all my Hog Family is doing great!
  3. dobywon

    Collection Update

    Very nice!
  4. dobywon

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dobywon!!!!!

    Thanks alot, I appreciate the replieies. Doug, u got 18 years on me but age is only a # bro, Happy B-Day 2 u 2. Thanks again all.
  5. dobywon

    just wanted 2 say hi.

    Thank you all very much, I Love this fam and always will.
  6. dobywon

    just wanted 2 say hi.

    Thanks bro, hope u and yours r well also.
  7. dobywon

    just wanted 2 say hi.

    I hope that all my Hog and Hogette friends are well. I have really missed this place and just wanted to let everyone know that I am still peeking in from time 2 time. I love Busse knives and the family that is known with them. Thank you Bossman for everything. Lee!
  8. dobywon

    aba 3 with new pics!!!

    Holy hogs*%t batman, that is a smokin deal!! Great score.
  9. dobywon


    your a wildman Rob, I like it!!lol.
  10. dobywon

    Who Got #1 LE HOG MUK???

    Damn Dogs, way to go man!!
  11. dobywon

    Satin/Black Paper ABA and SFNO!!! Priced to move!!

    very nice Big O, shouldnt last long. Great prices too.
  12. dobywon

    The Family's Back Together Again!

    Very cool, glad they have reunited and seem to be in good condition to.
  13. dobywon

    Asking for Hog Help!

    What is the internet and what are you all talking about??????
  14. dobywon

    rat daddy on the cheap!!!

    shes all yours bro, thanks!!
  15. dobywon

    I think I came across a older Meaner tonight.

    very nice knife Bill!!!
  16. dobywon

    rat daddy on the cheap!!!

    I need to sell my RD to pay for a car repair. 375.00 shipped. CONUS and Paypal only, you cover the fees. Thanks for looking. Other knives in pic have been sold, it is the fourth knife down from the top.
  17. dobywon

    Being Thankful

    Well I am down to only one Busse now but I am very thankful to have it. I am most thankful for my salvation and the people in my life that I love. Happy Thanksgiving Hogs!!
  18. dobywon

    HEST folder

    First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all my BF brothers and sisters. Really all I need to know is are the Hest folders going to be available for sale. I am not interested in the LE but would really like to have one of these amazing looking folders. As I stated in another thread, I have not been...
  19. dobywon

    HEST Folder - photos in hand

    I have not been in the market for a folder in a long time but I want one of these BAAAD!!!
  20. dobywon

    My very own forum finally!

    This forum is waaaaaaaaay overdue for the true master of the convex edge!! Congrats Ban and I hope my name is still on the list somewhere for my BT4.