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    Spyderco Chaparral Rafir Noble $110!

    What steel is the Native? I'll probably take it.
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    ZT 0393SW & Spyderco Military

    I'll take the lefty military and lefty PM2 pending pictures. [email protected] Thanks
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    Wetterlings W100

    I have a like new Benchmade 710. I'd need something else to even out the deal though
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    Benchmade 42 spring latch 154 CM

    That's 700.00 for one ?!?
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    I left you a message regarding the 710. Thanks.
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    Benchmade Benchmade 556 Mini Grip (Wilkin's scales SOLD)

    I would like to buy the whole package if things fall through with Sharp
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    Pocketknives in the wilderness, more specifically slipjoints in the wilderness

    I've really taken to a single sheeps foot type of knife for everyday use lately, so I've been carrying my Vic Gardener or my Stanley 10/049 small folding utility knife. If I were going out for a hike, or to practice fire making, I'd still have one of those two with me, and I'd grab my Mora 510...
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    *SOLD* Left Handed Wilson Combat Umnumzaan

    Would you take 300.00?
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    I REALLY Like my small plain Sebenza 21 Insingo

    I got my first Sebenza about a month ago - a larger lefty 21. I looked at the larges and smalls, both regular and Insingo, micarta and plain. I decided on the large plain regular 21 since it was my first and I figured it was the flagship model. About 2 days later I ordered a small lefty 21...
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    LEFTY Sebenza 25

    Sorry, but I really need to sell my 21s.
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    LEFTY Sebenza 25

    I have a large 21 I might be interested in trading you. Email me at [email protected] and I can give you a description and some pics.
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    Lefty Alert! Wilson Starbenza NIB!

    Damn. That sucks. Did you ever receive either of me emails or respond to my post?
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    Lefty Alert! Wilson Starbenza NIB!

    I sent another one but I'm assuming you didn't get that one either. Does this model have double thumb lugs?
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    Benchmade 710 and others for trade

    Any interest in an all black Para Military 2?
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    Great Eastern Cutlery -- Northfield UN-X-LD-- # 73 Folding Hunter--Burnt Stag--

    Any interest in a lightly used black on black Para Military 2?