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    new service pricing structure

    Yea I know, the mini adamas looks pretty cool but I doubt I'll pull the trigger. I just bought another knife from another big manufacturer and the value is much better and they still offer blade replacement at a reasonable price. The last benchmade I bought was on black friday from a local...
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    new service pricing structure

    I see both sides of it. From their view I doubt there is much profit from swapping a blade for $30. Between the cost of the blade, paying a guy to swap it, and shipping it back it cant be much. On the other hand one of the benefits of Benchmade was the option to buy a replacement blade at a good...
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    Another Lifesharp Mulligan

    Let me start off by saying that I really like Benchmade as a company, I have 23 Benchmades in my collection, and I feel like for the most part they are a quality American company. In the past I could send in a knife or 2 and get it back with a pretty good edge, a new clip, new screws, and...
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    Received Prototype 535-1901 Bugout

    That’s a cool little gem. If I was you I would keep it. But if you don’t like it I’m sure someone would take it off your hands.
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    Benchmade is CLEANING HOUSE!

    Glad to hear that! Now you’ve got me all warm and fuzzy inside wondering what’s coming out next year.
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    Benchmade is CLEANING HOUSE!

    Makes me wonder how much sales are down for benchmade. It's been a tough year for the company. I realize that the majority of models discontinued are combo edges but thats a big list. I'm surprised to see the presidio family go under. The otf's must not be selling good either. They are just too...
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    Benchmade is CLEANING HOUSE!

    That would be cool if they moved away from S30v for their premium models. As long as it doesn’t come with a $50 price increase. I’d be ok with 10 bucks though. They are already overpriced compared to other companies that manufacture knives with similarly materials.
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    Announcing the NEW 381 Aller Fumee!

    Yea, I get a kick out of that guy. He's pretty funny. I like him because he speaks his mind and seems like a straight shooter. I wish I could have a beer with him one day. Lol.
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    Is this normal? Your thoughts on LifeSharp please? Reference pics

    I haven’t really been using lifesharp anymore. The last time I sent in my 940 it came back in worse condition. They absolutely ground the mess out of it. One bevel was way wider than the other, it came back with a weird scratch on the aluminum that I don’t think was there before, it wasn’t...
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    Announcing the NEW 15080BK-191 Gold Class Crooked River!

    Does this hold the record for most expensive knife from Benchmade? Boy I hope the fit and finish are immaculate on these.
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    Buying American - I must confess...

    All these folks saying "I'm done with Benchmade!!!!!!" Yet here they are on Benchmade subforum. Lol. I could care less what politician they support. It's their right. If they make a good knife that I like, I will gladly give them my money to own it. Just bought a vector and that knife is...
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    Can I trust Benchmade?

    Jesus Christ people. I thought we were adults here. lol.
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    Benchmade customer service

    Ha. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a benchmade fanboy. It’s funny all these folks saying “I’m done with benchmade!” When we know they are secretly still buying and using those sweet knives. Benchmades are just irresistible.
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    Have knife retailers and distributors started dropping Benchmade knives?

    1. This will unlikely hurt benchmade in the long run. Every time I go to my local gun store there are a handful of people lusting over them in the glass case. One of the salesman Saturday was explaining the benchmade debacle to a customer that was looking. The salesman said this is blown out of...
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    No more free Deep Carry clips...

    Yikes. Between the bad QC, the recent outrage, and now this, I feel bad for the new CEO guy. Is it just deep carry I wonder or all clips? And does Kai ship free clips? This is bad timing for bad press.
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    Man uses a Benchmade to kill a rabid coyote in Georgia

    And that’s reason number 237 why I always carry a benchmade. Never know when I’m going to encounter a rabid coyote.
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    Are there authorized Benchmade service dealers?

    Last week I stopped by my local premium plus dealer to check out a knife. I saw an employee replacing a clip on a Benchmade. I looked closer and there was a plastic tackle box that said Benchmade on it that was full of benchmade clips labeled for specific models. It also had screws, maybe some...
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    Real deal?

    Got this in a trade and since I almost always buy from authorized dealers I’m curious if this is authentic. It functions smooth and feels solid like a Benchmade. But that grind line jumps out at me, none of my other benchmades look like that. Also the thumb hole seems to be smaller than...
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    Lifesharp question

    One very quick shot of an assembler tapping on a table in the factory to field video on their YouTube channel. And I believe I've seen them do it on some of their Facebook videos as well.
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    Is this acceptable from $200 knife?

    Wow that's bad!!! Unfortunately that happens too often lately. Maybe a Friday afternoon knife. Anyway maybe call benchmade and send them pics or a link to this thread. Maybe they will bump you to the front of the line and get it taken care of quick. Even though that's a poor excuse for a $200...