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    At The Ready (ATR) Anyone

    Correct. I had a serrated edge in stainless for a while and to this day it's the only knife I regret selling. I wanted a plain edge and feared I would be unable to keep the serrated edge sharp... now I have grown to love the serrated edge... either way I will have an ATR2 as soon as they are...
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    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    That is the single most amazing knife I have ever seen. I will check out his work. Thank you and AMAZING KNIFE!
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    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    Beautiful anubias
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    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    What is that amazing knife?! I have to have one
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    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    Left some stuff out. I wear a Deep Blue Tritium dive watch and a Samsung S7 Edge. Im squirreling away some money for a Helson 47mm Shark Diver in brass.I'm Next I'm doing a solid titanium setup. Probably do Flytanium scales on another PM2 and maybe something custom.
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    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    Got a matching brass pill container and some tritium vials for a brass lanyard bead I want to put on the Minh Do brass pry bar. The copper love note and Hinderer pen were anniversary gifts from my amazing wife
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    Big boys

    I've been wanting a revolver for a very long time. I wanted a Taurus Tracker in .357, but my wife got me the .44 with the 4" ported barrel... I absolutely love it. What's funnier is she loves it. She went through almost 50 rounds with it when we went a couple weeks ago. I don't feel it's...
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    Pics of customized production knives

    Anyone know of to get titanium scales for a Yojimbo 2??
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    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    I've been dragging that leather cord around trying to figure out how I want to put that bead on my Copper PM2 once the tritium vials arrive
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    When will we see the ATR 2?

    I think I made this post just a few weeks ago. I want the knife so badly it's insane. I should get in on the preorder. I have a PM2 with copper scales and plan on doing one with Flytanium titanium scales too, but I need to have the cash ready for the ATR 2.
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Got my copper jam going. That bead is getting 3 green tritium vials and going on a leather lanyard for the copper scaled PM2
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    Not enough love for the Gayle Bradley 2

    I just don't like frame locks. The GB looks a little beefier to me which I like, but I really like the GB2. In the end it came down the the fact that there are endless aftermarket scales for the PM2. Bought a black DLC coated one and copper scales... it's my dream knife... just bought a satin...
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    Matriarch 2 or Yojimbo

    I had a waved matriarch 2 and sold it for the Yojimbo. It was an excellent choice. The Yojimbo is better EDC for me, the lock is my favorite (as I'm moving into a variety of PM2 flavors now waiting for the ATR 2 to come out) and it's easy to sharpen. I really can't see how the Matriarch 2 can...
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    Loosening of Red Loctite

    One of the members here shared the secret with me when I was changing the scales on my pm2. Use a soldering iron and heat up the screws. I left the soldering iron on heat screw for about 12 seconds and they came out without the slightest issue
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    Advice Wanted on AR15

    I got a Colt with a fixed front sight and there's several different options for a full-length guard with that setup I think I have a quad rail by utg? It was like a hundred and twenty bucks so definitely not bad
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    Prototype tritium keychain lantern in "distressed" copper

    I NEED this!! Please let me know you have it and I'll PayPal ASAP...
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    Post your Spyder Pics

    working on a copper tritium lanyard bead on some leather to finish out the look
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    Change scales to titanium on PM2

    I want a titanium carry as well. I was hoping to find some Yojimbo titanium scales... if not I'll buy another PM2. I love the bead blasted look!
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    Who makes the best luminous watch these days?

    My Milops Deep Blue diver is so bright that I have to put it in the drawer at night... it's pretty incredible.