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    Small towns

    See, that is my dream right there. I am in Chicago now, but my kids will have that if it is the last thing I do! Thanks for a goog laugh!
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    Ka Bar KBD-1 wanted badly

    I want one. I had the chance to get one when it was everywhere and now it's gone. Classic. Please post pics of what you have, if you care to part with yours. Thank you and please help a soul in dire need....
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    The wait list

    148 is not bad at all! Are we there yet? Thanks for the info!
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    Folder for formal wear! Please advise. Thank you.

    Thank you for the responses guys! Quite some pickings? I love the Moki and the William Henry Monarch posted above. And I think I am beginning to like some of the Case knives a lot more now! Thank you!
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    Folder for formal wear! Please advise. Thank you.

    Like the title says, what knife do you carry when wearing suit and tie and the like? I pretty much have a folder for every ocasion, except tonight, when, of all people, my wife asks me (we were going to a formal event, black suit and the works) which knife am I taking with. And, nothing in...
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    Viking Sword by Alex Salsi

    Oh my God! XXXX
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    Katana Making Video

    Thank you so much! For so reason, I wish I lived in the old ages.... A lot more respect for all things. Of course, I wish I were stinkin' rich!
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    How do I stop buying knifes

    Now why on God's earth would you go and do that for?
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    (SOLD)Composite Wrought Iron Camp Knife (Pictures Added!)

    My God! That knife has left me speechless.....
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    Another Daletzky's work

    +1 on the blade. Nice pants on that knife.
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    An old scout knife and the girl.

    Congratulations on your marriage! I love stories like that! It gives me hope for the world. I am 29 and have been with my wife for 12 years, from the 11th grade. She was a bet I won!
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    ever feel the need to stop buying knives

    I did! But the feeling passed fairly quickly and no permanent ireparable damage was caused......
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    Just can't sharpen my F1 3G properly!!

    Try more strokes, do one side until you have a proper burr (not the fake one, but the one you can actually feel and turn by finger). That is a lot of strokes, as I found out while sharpening my pilot survival knife. Then, when you strop, I have been told to use loaded strops first, with the...
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    So what are you chopping with these HUGE knives?

    Well, I just bought an Ontario RTAK 2 and am asking myself the same question....... But it sure looks cool. On a more serious note, no matter what or how many knives I carry, I ALWAYS carry an axe.