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    Replica of the first Randall made knife by Bo Randall in 1937.

    That is a fantastically beautiful knife
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    Stahl-Bronce = Bronze Steel

    I am more sceptical than some of you. I wont be convinced until I see a head to head batoning test with a case peanut
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    What knife should I buy

    I agree with jackknife about the scoutknife. A very useful knife and my constant companion on scout trips. I notice one of the current scout knives is a tinker with the BSA logo. Tinker is a great knife and will serve you well. For what it's worth scouting is where my interest in knives started...
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    History of Cotton Sampler Blade?

    For what it's worth Dexter russel still makes a very plain cotton sampler as part of their industrial line
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    Mass Drop Gent Blade Length?

    And of course if you tick off the cop enough for him to burn you by calling it 3 he will find something else anyway
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    Mass Drop Gent Blade Length?

    Hey I assume you are being funny but of course 2.9 is under 3 inches.
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    Let's play a game.

    K.O.D. I won't answer since I had to Google to get but looks good. Bet my teens would love it
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    Let's play a game.

    How about "It suddenly became quite obvious that the only reason God made seven-year-olds at all was to heighten the satisfaction of eight-year-olds in owning a pocket knife. "C'mon lemme whittle with your knife, Jack," a seven year old brother would beg. "Sorry, Willy, I can't do it," the...
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    Let's play a game.

    Pertinux's quote is from East of Eden by John Steinbeck
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    Good first knife for $50 and under

    I would say it needs to be a modern folder. While she may not catch the details and the recipient might not care she liked the PM2 you were carrying and most teens want something "cool". The SAK or stockman might have more utility but she will think the gift should be something in the same type...
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    Odd habit with traditional knives?

    You left a Mini-Trapper laying in a desk getting dusty for an extended period of time? I agree that is quite odd however I wouldn't worry about it as you have bonded with it again. And at least the knife rubbing is normal and shows your heart is in the right place. Let us know if you find...
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    what is your fall back pattern?

    Stockman. I have trried other patterns and other than a Puma packer and Browning lockback in my late teens and twentys none has lasted long as a daily carry. I have tried lockbacks since then as well as a seahorse, a peanut, scout knife, various SAKs and etc. and I do have a couple of knives I...
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    Green River GAW *Trevytrev wins*

    Not an entry but very nice giveaway. I have never seen a Green River knife with slabs even remotely like this, but it looks great. Did you make the slabs yourself?
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    Least threatening knife attributes?

    + 1 but thats ok you have lots of company. Sometimes me included. Just pick something that does not seem agressive to you. Then trust your own judgement and put it in your pocket. As noted by others your mannerisms are more important in most cases than your choice of knife.
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    impulse buy whilst buzzed

    only one knife? with all those bins? While celebrating your birthday? Not good. Now have a couple more beers go back and do it right. I expect a big pile of knives in the next post :D
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    Who still carries a Case Knife?

    As kamagong noted I really don’t have an EDC. But rotation is too dignified a word for what I do as well. I look in my nightstand drawer each morning and grab whatever knife I feel will meet my needs for the day. This sentence took longer to type and more thought than I usually use to...
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    A Real Nail-breaker - winner selected

    Recieved the knife yesterday. Sorry folks this one is a keeper and not going anywhere. I am going to enjoy this very solid little knife. The whistle is loud as a demon's shriek and is highly prized as well. I should also mention the wonderful leather case and chain. The pull assures me...
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    Nothing beats a Case announced in last post (p.4)!

    Thanks Sonnemann for a great giveaway and Congrats to both of the winners.
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    Pocket Knives of the 1920's

    you are right on track. Of course there are several ways to figure inflation and I tend to use the cpi but it only goes back to 1913. using it we get 865.09 per dozen or $72 per knife. and this was wholesale so there would have been a considerable mark up to the consumer. So anyway you want to...
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    Green river through the years

    Thanks for the info everybody, it's exactly what I was looking for. So the older knives were forged and thicker. I found there is a book on these knives up to 1936 and I will have see if I can get my hands on a copy. Mr Bose, I would have guessed you knew the answer but I am honored you took...