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    Happy Trails

    Just wanted to say goodbye to the Cantina. Not sure if the Cantina has changed, or if I have, but it just doesn't feel the same to me anymore. I debated posting anything, but I supposed it's bad manners to leave without saying good bye. You might see me lurking now and again, but I have...
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    What's your favorite Mammal??

    Duck-Billed Platypus.
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    Any Rockhounds around?

    My wife and I collect rocks and minerals. Here's a really useful link:
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    RMJ Forge or Mineral Mountain info ?

    I have a white river bowie from MMHW, and it's a very solid piece of steel. I'd assume the hatchets are built to the same standards, and should be rather sturdy to say the least. The black parkerized finish has held up well on my knife, and overall, I would characterize the knife as...
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    Knife Loss

    Years ago my mom's Victorinox Huntsman was either lost or stolen. I'd give anything to have that knife back, especially now that she's gone.
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    Zombies attack!

    Leatherman Micra. So much death crammed into such a tiny package.
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    What's the best way to cook rabbit?

    I've seen that exact same thing here in Northern California. Saw it when I was a young lad, and it still creeps me out to this day.:barf:
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    English check

    It happens now and again.
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    English check

    For # 1, it's who because it's a subject pronoun, not an object pronoun. Godzilla and King Kong are both proper nouns. A simple substitution will show the correctness of this. We'd answer the question, if we substituted a pronoun, "He is stronger," not "Him is stronger." The difference is...
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    Forum rules and philosophy revisited.

    I don't know why, but somebody sent me a link to this thread today. Still makes for interesting reading.
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    Pellet SToves

    I haven't been too impressed with the ones I've seen. They don't seem to put out quite as much heat as a wood-burning stove, and they're not as fun to watch. I'll stick with my woodstove.
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    Plasti Dip

    I know this stuff has been mentioned before. I was looking at it for another application and noticed that it comes in clear and can be applied over wood. Seems like it might be just the thing for a wood-handled khuk, particularly a chiruwa model for a bit of added vibration dampening...
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    Which Hooflex?

    Honing oil should be fine. I generally just use mineral oil on my khuks. Before you go to bed tonight, you should glop hooflex on the handle and leave it overnight to soak in. Just wipe the excess off in the morning.
  14. J

    Which Hooflex?

    The stuff I have just says "Original Conditioner" and comes in a plastic tub.
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    John Shirley- Hot sauce on the way.

    That El Yucateco green has a lot of heat for a sauce you can often find in the grocery store. One I've found recently that I like quite a bit is Bulliard's habanero sauce. Great stuff, wonderful flavor, and I'm not generally a huge fan of the flavor of habs. Unfortunately, I haven't been able...
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    Ang Khola

    18" ang khola.
  17. J

    Let's play news and recipes

    I've heard some people actually substitute chicken.
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    Let's play news and recipes

    Back from the dead! The news: Congo rebels said to kill, eat gorillas By TODD PITMAN, Associated Press WriterWed Jan 17, 7:42 PM ET Rebels in eastern Congo have killed and eaten two silverback mountain gorillas, conservationists said Wednesday, warning they fear more of the endangered...
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    Anybody heard from Yvsa?

    I know Yvsa had mentioned he wasn't gonna be online as much because he was feeling better, so I definitely hope he's out doing fun stuff. Still, it'd be nice to hear from him now and again.