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  1. lhzeng

    Don Hanson III "Scary" Damascus

    His handle materials are all premium
  2. lhzeng

    Important Info! Deceased makers

    David C. Larsen passed away yesterday
  3. lhzeng

    Turkish damascus dagger

    Brazilians make very fantastic damascus nowadays.
  4. lhzeng

    Looking for info on two knife makers

    From annual KNIVES Bloomer, Alant Specialties: Folders & Straight knives & custom pen maker. Pattern: All kinds. Technical: Does own heat treating. Price: $400-$1000. Remarks: Part-time maker. No orders. Mark: Stamp Bloomer. Cover, Jeff Specialties: Folders and straight knives. Technical...
  5. lhzeng

    Folder damasteel & gemstone

    I love Dellana Dots so much
  6. lhzeng

    Matched Integral Set by Sam Lurquin, MS

    Nice set. Sam did a great job.
  7. lhzeng

    Important Info! Deceased makers

    Bill Bagwell passed away yesterday
  8. lhzeng

    Richard Tesarik - Czech Republic

    I have seen a few of his folding knives. Very creative.
  9. lhzeng

    Jess Horn Feedback

    For this condition, I would say ~1K max. I can see this knife was not sharpened properly. Some scratches on the blade ruin the satin finish. Scratches on the bolster should be removed easily.
  10. lhzeng


    It all depends on the knife. Hard to get a consensus answer. How do you value the piece below. It is a collaboration of six giants (Edmund Davidson, Steve Johnson and Wolfgang Loerchner, heat treat by Paul Bos, engraved by Barry Lee Hands, Paul Long Sheath)
  11. lhzeng

    Lurquin Fighter "Apocalyptic"

    war dog. Very nice finished blade
  12. lhzeng

    Best Large Benchstones?

    I am using a set of chosera stones
  13. lhzeng

    Bill Moran Pt. 2

    This is the only Moran knife I have ever handled.
  14. lhzeng

    Photos Can anyone tell me about this knife

    Did you upload photos?
  15. lhzeng

    Important Info! Deceased makers

    Just heard Tony Bose passed away.
  16. lhzeng

    Cpm3v mirror polished fighting knife

    6666666666666, Very nice