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  1. rmill7

    SOLD Brown Cortex #066

    ----PRICE DROP---- Good morning! Today up for sale is a Brown Knives Cortex, number 066. For Sale for $SOLD. No trade offers please. Blade: CPM-154 Nude Titanium handle SS Lockbar Black/Normal Carbon fiber scales If you know Brown Knives, you know how nice the action is. I can't imagine any...
  2. rmill7

    Your best knife pic of the week!

    Kind of a one-two combo. The wife and I, along with another couple, were able to make it to Kaua'i for 10 days last week after rescheduling 5 times this year. The island was magnificent, the people were lovely, and we truly feel for those struggling there because of covid-19. I only brought this...
  3. rmill7

    Recommendation? One Watch, One Knife

    I have been eyeballing some of the Islander Watches models since my tricked out Seiko SNZH ran away diving last month. They are entryend Seiko mechanical cases with an upgraded movement, sapphire crystal, upgraded bracelet, and unique hand/dial/bezel combinations for not much more than the OG...
  4. rmill7

    Knives and Coffee

    Heavyweight Wednesday today. The coffee consumption will be high today methinks
  5. rmill7

    SOLD Koenig Mini Goblin - Blue Twill

    Nope, I don't use Facebook. Just BF
  6. rmill7


    My in-laws used to be "fill the sink and soak" dish washers, including the knives! I learned this while washing dishes after Sunday supper, and the result looked very much like your experience here :eek: Now my wife, and her entire family, wash the knives right away and put them away ;) My wife...
  7. rmill7

    SOLD Koenig Mini Goblin - Blue Twill

    Good morning Bladeforums. This morning I have a Koenig Mini Goblin with blue twill show-side scale. This is a beautiful example! I am not interested in trades. U.S. shipping only. First "I'll take it." gets priority. Mini Goblin - Blue Twill: SOLD - Blue Twill...
  8. rmill7

    Knives and Coffee

    I'm generally a "wait till it's hot/warm" kind of coffee guy. If it gets too cool, I just add some more from the pot ;) So far, this new mug keeps things warm for more than enough time though :thumbsup:
  9. rmill7

    Knives and Coffee

    New coffee mug here as well. These new ones are dishwasher safe and I got it as a free company goodie. Time to test the quality of yeti ss ;)
  10. rmill7


    I’ll take the cortex. PM incoming
  11. rmill7

    Hinderer Vintage recommendations?

    I would definitely do the underside of the scale. I think that might even be more important than the exposed area! The pictures I have seen of the warping look like trapped moisture just sat and sat between the scale and liner. I would treat the blade the same way (the same as any carbon steel...
  12. rmill7

    Hinderer Vintage recommendations?

    Knowing what others mentioned in that thread, if I ever get one I’d give the scale the ol’ scotchbrite and linseed oil treatment :thumbsup:
  13. rmill7

    Hinderer Vintage recommendations?

    Yeah, just found this thread: Shows what some carry and use will do to the finish as well!
  14. rmill7

    Hinderer Vintage recommendations?

    I was thiiiiiiiis close to nabbing one of the vintage tri-way bowies. I decided to pick up a gen4 instead, just for the S35VN, anodized the lock side and liner bronze, got copper hardware, and put a micarta scale on it. If you live anywhere with high humidity or regularly sweat through your...