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  1. NickWheeler

    Recommendation? looking at grinders..

    I have a Northridge in my shop now. I have never seen a nicer grinder. There isn't any detail that George and the guys didn't put a ridiculous amount of attention and care into. ✊
  2. NickWheeler

    Aldo's W-2 Hamon problem

    I'm with Salem. My other suggestion is to make sure you know what you got before finishing. If you take a differentially hardened blade into a dark room and shine a flashlight on it, the details of the hamon will jump out very clearly...even at a 50 grit grind. Then if it's not what you want...
  3. NickWheeler

    It seemed like such a good idea... (file guide question)

    IMHO/experience, anything that's squishy will allow it to move. I don't like anything like leather, rubber, etc. in there. Post It notes are a Tim Hancock trick (shared with many such as Bing and myself) that works really well if you need to shim. I haven't ever shimmed a guide since I built my...
  4. NickWheeler

    Clayless Hamon Technique?

    If you can replicate something similar with a random spattering of clay, I will eat my hat.
  5. NickWheeler

    Terrible News

    Absolutely terrible news. Bruce was one of the nicest guys I have ever been around. As has been said, he made you feel like you'd been friends forever, even if it was the first time you'd met him. A huge loss to this community, for sure. :(
  6. NickWheeler

    Is this a Nick Wheeler knock off?

    I know that Nick Wheeler made THAT knife. Paul Long made the sheath. Last I knew, knife maker David Sharp owns it. Somebody photo-shopped the name off the ricasso. The Pakistani sellers are all over the internet using photos of knives that they can't provide, in order to gain an audience...
  7. NickWheeler

    The Cutting Edge – Which makers have you recently discovered that excite?

    STeven Who????????????? Very well said Will Morrison!!! :cool::thumbup:
  8. NickWheeler

    Contouring handles question

    You can go back and check if you want. :p
  9. NickWheeler

    Contouring handles question

    LOL... I have changed how I do some things since that thread. But I didn't use a big wheel for contouring in that thread either... I used the 2" and files. Only used the big wheel for knocking off the outside bulk. :)
  10. NickWheeler

    Contouring handles question

    I chuckle when I see a lot of the "Nick Wheeler does it this way..." comments... because they're not how I do it about half the time. :D I do my contouring with 1" and 2"contact wheels and then files/sandpaper. I only knock bulk off the handle with a bigger wheel. :):):)
  11. NickWheeler

    I'm excited! Parkerizing soon. Picture results added!

    Great thread Salem, thanks for taking the time! :cool::thumbup:
  12. NickWheeler

    Round edges flat platen

    I like my platen edges square because I feel it gives me the most control. This is the current shop project, and it was ground with a square edge platen. If you're really set on a radiused edge... a file and a radius guage will get you there pretty easily. I showed it in the youtube video I...
  13. NickWheeler

    15n20 filet knife

    Knife makers cannot read... :rolleyes: LMAO :D I made a 15N20 fillet knife recently that was at 60C... it has quite a bit of taper from the ricasso out, which was a pita since it was only 0.065 to start with! LOL I quench it from 1475, into Park50... I soak it in my salt for about 10 minutes...
  14. NickWheeler

    this is why we can't have nice things

    What Adam said. Now I have to go use my Porsche quench tank.
  15. NickWheeler

    Largest Knifemaking Workshop?

    That's crazy!!! Impressed to see some ladies in there as well. :)
  16. NickWheeler

    Harpoon Point Cutlass Bowie

    I don't think the world fully appreciates just how good this kid is... :eek: :cool: :)
  17. NickWheeler

    Pointy Bowie in W2 and Koa.

    Stunning work... :cool: :cool: :cool: