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  1. LX_Emergency

    High dollar help

    My advice would also be get something custom made. As for a maker I'd reccommend something from a couple of Euro makers that are not so well known. My first suggestion would be Martin Annegarn ( He makes a VERY clean folder that (depending on materials and model) can...
  2. LX_Emergency

    Dont kick me out for this.... where can I buy good quality blades

    Apart from makers like @Tony Mont who mentioned that he does so. There are a couple of places that deliver good quality blank. Like And if you're in Europe maybe have a look at who also sell them. (Mainly scandinavian...
  3. LX_Emergency

    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    I know lefthanded Rocksteads exist. I tried to find one for a while. I've also given up looking for them a while ago.
  4. LX_Emergency

    CPM MagnaCut – The Next Breakthrough in Knife Steel

    Hey! I resent that remark.....oh wait you mean the large numbers thousands of knives guys... nevermind carry on.
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    Am I Broken?

    Lot of people suggesting OP "Grow a pair" or that his relationship is broken.' I read his comment as that its more along the lines of good natured ribbing between him an his partner. Nothing really broken there. Anyway I understand how you feel. My wife has always been very supportive and...
  6. LX_Emergency

    Review lionSTEEL Gitano GT01 UL

    The lock mecanism is known as Cran Forcé. And it's like halfway between a regular slipjoint and a lockback. The designer (Gudy) likes to joke that he doesn't make knives for p***ies. So you know the large amount of force needed in 100% intentional. It's not entirely to my personal taste. But...
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    Nice, I'm currently in the process of building someone a wharncliffe. Personally for my own taste I'd got with less weight. But the customer wants a heavier knife. So no tapering the tang on this one.
  8. LX_Emergency

    pocket sharp Mammoth and Damascus

    Blade: Zladinox (carbon) Ladder pattern damascus. 2" cutting edge. Handle: Mammoth ivory over a pair of glow in the dark liners. Stainless pin and a lanyard tube. Sheath: simple black leather lined with pig skin. $245 shipped worldwide Presentation side Reverse In sheath in the dark...
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    Gaucho knife (semi integral file knife)

    Thank you kindly. Fair request. I've added a bunch of measurements. If you feel I've left any out that you'd like to know don't hesitate to say so.
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    Gaucho knife (semi integral file knife)

    Just finished this fun thing. Reforged old round file. Semi intergal bolster. Nice and shiny. Handle from stabilised redwood burl in blue and black dye. Righthanded carry sheath. Cutting edge length: 4.5" (11cm) Blade width: 1" (2,5cm) from tip to brass spacer: 5.5" (13.5cm) From cutting edge...
  11. LX_Emergency

    Ignoramus file knife

    Simple no nonsense file knife. No scales, no screws, no pins, nothing that can easily break. Ground from an (annealed) Nicholson Bastard file. Then heat treated again as if it were a normal steel billet. Edges all rounded so they're nice an smooth. Teeth slightly dulled so they're not sharp but...
  12. LX_Emergency

    M2 and Burl EDC knife.

    A nice example of my Zawadi EDC pattern. M2 steel at rockwell 61. Blade length 3.5" (around 8.5cm) 600 grit satin handrubbed finish. Handle Length 4" or around 10cm Rounded spine and finger choil for comfort. Black dyed redwood burl scales on a tapered tang, with red liners. Tang tapered down...
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    Micro Bowie

    Probably, hit me up on my email ([email protected]) or through personal message and we can discuss.
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    Coffin Handle EDC in M2

    Where the Swedge is sharpened you mean? I suppose so. Never did before. But should be possible.
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    Micro Bowie

    Damascus, Sambar, Synthstone, Bone and Mokume turned in to this micro bowie. Little sharp thing for in the pocket, on the belt or on a desk as a neat letter opener. 2" blade 3" (or so) handle. $250 Shipped worldwide (with tracking) And a quick video
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    Coffin Handle EDC in M2

    Nice and handy edc knife with coffin handled scales I call my Little Undertaker. This on in M2 steel with stabilised Spalted sycamore scales. It has a nice thin secondary bevel and cuts like a dream. Comes with a leather pocket sheath (as pictured) 3" blade 600 grit finish. Rockwell 61...
  17. LX_Emergency

    Annealing an already heat treated knife.

    Also, if you anneal, then reshape then heat treat again. You'll increase the chance of warping in the second heat treat.
  18. LX_Emergency

    Damascus Puukko

    True. It's a bit in between the standard puukko and a Sgian Dubh. I was actually unsure what to call this one.
  19. LX_Emergency

    Damascus Puukko

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Technically...I have two pieces in blade, both in the last year. :D So I'm now super famous :cool:
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    Damascus Puukko

    Finished this one a little while back. Got my hands on a piece of Elforyn Supertusk artificial ivory to work with. Found some suitable pieces of steel to match it. The Supertusk is kind of weird to work with (a lot softer than I was expecting) but does turn out very nice once finished. The...