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  1. Baby2Huey3

    after my first day with the zt0550

    I use the tip of my thumbnail and it flies right out. No issues with deploying my 550 at all. I have heard about people doing what Benja mentioned. If you are squeezing the handle too tight then you could be binding the blade with the lock bar. No thumb calluses here btw. Just a slight learning...
  2. Baby2Huey3

    Unopened ESEE Candiru + extras

    I will take it PM incoming.
  3. Baby2Huey3

    FS: Gossamer Gear Kumo Superlight backpack (new)

    Is this the medium or the large?
  4. Baby2Huey3

    Throwable EDC folder

    Get a blow dart set up with a small target dart board. I have used that setup to combat boredom at home and at the office.
  5. Baby2Huey3

    Kydex Sheath

    Right on. Thanks. Looks like it was a good deal and a great cause.
  6. Baby2Huey3

    Kydex Sheath

    Thanks for the response. Will send him a PM. What is deal with the medical sheaths. I remember seeing something about them, but not having any luck with the search engine.
  7. Baby2Huey3

    Khukuri Friendship

    Awesome video. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.
  8. Baby2Huey3

    The tale of three Bowies! Poppa Bowie, Momma Bowie and Bawanna Bowie.

    Awesome work. Great story to boot.
  9. Baby2Huey3

    Kydex Sheath

    Who would you guys recommend for a kydex sheath for a Khuk? I checked out Ronins, but do not see any info on the website about it anymore. Just wanted something for camping trips etc and leave the nice sheath at home. Thanks in advance.
  10. Baby2Huey3

    something small with thin edge - suggestions?

    Kershaw Ken Onion Leek comes to mind I have a few of them and love them for small edc's. They come in a variety of finishes at different price ranges.
  11. Baby2Huey3

    Advice for edge mantaining

    Bottom of a ceramic coffee mug or a number of pocket sized ceramic rods. Or strop with compound of your choosing.
  12. Baby2Huey3

    Four blems for 8/7

    I want lol. Just picked up a KLVUK from the BST good luck sharkies.
  13. Baby2Huey3

    Took my Sis up a mountain.

    Awesome. Looks like a fun trip. Trying to get my wife into backpacking and saving the car camping for larger get togethers with family and friends.
  14. Baby2Huey3

    Top 5 budget knives

    If you don't own a Kershaw Leek I would put that on my list. Even though I prefer my Benchmades and ZT's being a larger type person. There is something about the Leek that I love.
  15. Baby2Huey3

    Bikers post here.

    Unfortunately this is my bike now. My wife used to love to ride, but after losing a close friend in a motorcycle accident, she now refuses to and worries too much for me to enjoy it like I should. The Houston area is a little too hectic for safe riding unless you are in a pack and even then can...
  16. Baby2Huey3

    HI Himalayan Imports KLVUK

    I'll take it. PM Inbound.
  17. Baby2Huey3

    Quick hike with little man

    Awesome story. Keep that fire growing. I wish more of my children enjoyed the outdoors as much as I did. Maybe I will have more luck with my grandchildren.
  18. Baby2Huey3

    Kershaw leek

    I picked up a Rainbow Leak in the trade section. I love that little thing.
  19. Baby2Huey3

    What use does Baby CAK fall under?

    Probably get an accurate and fast response with an email to Auntie.