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  1. ferguson

    Send Prayers for Father

    Sending up prayers for Pala.
  2. ferguson

    White metal...?

    The usual formulation is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc. (from Wikipedia) Steve
  3. ferguson

    Finishing your unfinished Kukri handle

    Nice tutorial. Thanks! Steve
  4. ferguson great friend and shining light...has walked West.

    Damn. Yvsa was a gift to us all. A kind, strong man. Steve
  5. ferguson

    dui chirra heartbroken

    Don't worry about the $5. Just wanted to insure it. Pass the favor along to someone else sometime and we're even. Glad you like it! It's a sweet blade. Steve
  6. ferguson

    dui chirra heartbroken

    \ If you'll pay the postage, I've sharpend a lot of khuks, and have the equipment. Email me if you're interested. [email protected] Steve Ferguson
  7. ferguson

    Something different: The Barong

    Good to see you brother Wayne! Steve
  8. ferguson

    away from the computer

    Glad you're back and seeing well Berk! Steve
  9. ferguson

    Something different: The Barong

    Barong are awesome slashers, like a khukuri. Beautiful too. Steve
  10. ferguson

    away from the computer

    Everything turn out ok Berk? Steve
  11. ferguson

    Bad news

    Hello friends, I just got some bad news from Australia. Our friend Bruce Molin has died. Bruce was a friend to HI, and to everyone he met. Here is the email I just received from his friend Brian. I am sorry to have to let you know that our mutual friend Bruce Molin passed away today at his...
  12. ferguson

    Smoke and Prayer for a smooth journey West

    Smoke and prayers for Mr. Inman. Steve
  13. ferguson

    Steve ferguson birthday

    Thank you all my friends! Sorry I've been scarce lately. Work is kicking my 58 y.o. tail. 7 days this week. At least I've got a job, and I'm thankful for that! Steve
  14. ferguson

    HI straight razor?

    I remember Bill saying something about this. Knowing the kamis, he figured that the razor would have a 12" blade, and weigh a pound and a half. ;) Steve
  15. ferguson

    Happy Birthday Spectre !!!

    Sorry I missed your BD John. Hope this year is the best ever! Steve
  16. ferguson

    Remembering Walosi

    Your dad was very good to me. Taught me a lot. I still have a chitlangi that I bought from him, and would never part with it. We both worked in cotton mills early in our careers, and affectionately refered to each other as lintheads.:) Steve
  17. ferguson

    Wood handle help

    I've had this problem before. If the Tru Oil has been open and used for a long time, the drying time goes way up. There must be some drying agent that evaporates or goes bad. If it worked ok on your neem handle, that's not your problem. More likely it's the wood itself. Many of the woods...
  18. ferguson

    Need help ID'ying knife

    Hi Tom, The tang that is peened over, and the leather sheath usually means it was made on Luzon. What area I'm not sure. Visayan blades normally have partial tangs, wooden scabbards, and often chisel edged blades, beveled on one side only. The time period could be any time from before WWII to...
  19. ferguson

    Greeting from Terisa!!!!

    Namaste and welcome to the forum Terisa Sherpa!:) If the hasiya hasn't been sold yet, I would be honored to be your first customer. Email sent. Steve Ferguson
  20. ferguson

    Happy Birthday Steve Ferguson !!!!

    Thank you all my friends! Haven't been around much lately and I miss you guys. Work is keeping me busy 6 days a week. I know I should feel fortunate with all the folks out of work, but dawgone it gets old. Thank you all so much.:o Steve