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  1. Mr.BadExample

    Any Old-Timers stop by?

    I haven't been here in ages myself. Was just thinking of Yvsa, and the Cherokee Rose I traded for from him. I just gave it a polish. He'll be missed. Glad to hear HI is still making great blades. I recommend them all the time.
  2. Mr.BadExample

    Tang issues?

    All those years ago, when I first found HI, I preferred chiruwa tangs because I felt they felt "safer." Now I like the standard handles better, they have a better grip in my opinion. I've never had a handle failure, and I slam every blade I get sideways into a log a few times on either side to...
  3. Mr.BadExample

    Dead Can Dance

    I've listened to a few of their albums, thanks for sharing the video.
  4. Mr.BadExample

    Handle dilemma

    It's not a khukuri, it's a sword. Mine has a wooden handle, though:
  5. Mr.BadExample

    Handle dilemma

    Thanks for the offer. If it was standard wood I'd be more amicable to modifying it. I'm half-tempted to hammer out the pins, boil the handle to remove the laha, and just cord-wrap the chiruwa tang. That way I could replace the slabs someday.
  6. Mr.BadExample

    Handle dilemma

    I recently purchased an Indonesian model because it resembles the "chopper" style of Burmese dha, which my martial instructor can train me with. I asked Yangdu if she had any in stock, and lo and behold, a beautiful sisau wood handled one was available. She sent it out immediately and it arrived...
  7. Mr.BadExample

    Khuk's Handle for Martial Artist

    I like the Chitlangi handle, but I train with a WW2 with a wood handle, and it works just fine. As long as the pommel flares, you can put your thumb on the spine and snap the khukuri with your wrist, so the pommel digs into your palm, letting you snap it back (or out of a target) with ease.
  8. Mr.BadExample

    What if? (Goofing around with paint shop pro)

    I'll second the "don't use a knife as a bottle opener" adage. I used one as a prybar under a bottlecap, and the whole top of the bottle broke off and gashed the webbing of my thumb. I duct taped it closed and partied on, but it was a dumb thing to do. It was a closed folder, and was working well...
  9. Mr.BadExample

    In Honor of Father for 11/27 -- Pix and Gift

    Nice score on that Jange! I've wanted one of those...
  10. Mr.BadExample

    Horn or wood handle?

    I prefer wood grips for grippiness. Horn us beautiful, though. A horn handle with a ring is pretty grippy, too. That's one reason I don't understand why folks like to sand the rings off. It's there for a reason, and works real well. Calluses are a badge of honor :) Different strokes for...
  11. Mr.BadExample

    Busse Combat "air bleeder" strop???

    I have a handamerican block strop, one side loaded with green rouge, the other smooth. I missed a spot with my Schick quattro the other morning, so I went to the washroom at work with my Ed Caffrey EBK wharncliffe, a little soap and water, and finished up. One of these days I'll switch to a...
  12. Mr.BadExample

    Greetings from Jeevan Sherpa

    Welcome, Jeevan! And that is the nicest chiruwa AK I've yet seen.
  13. Mr.BadExample

    new but old topic.....

    Hey, what's the going name for the model that looks like a Dui Chirra but has a buttcap, and often just a flat grind (no fullers)? I think it started with a D. That's one I need to get, though they have been scarce lately.
  14. Mr.BadExample

    new but old topic.....

    I have: 18" WW2 villager 21" Chitlangi villager M43 Cherokee Rose YCS 10" BDC 14" BDC AK Bowie Scallop-spine bowie I can't remember the name of :) Kagas katne Trisul Dui Chirra with spotted antler tools Movie Model UBE probably forgetting one or two! I sold off a lot. The ones I want right...
  15. Mr.BadExample

    Deals for 10/29 -- Pix and Indonesian Model

    Reminded me of the chopper style dha. So I gotta have one. For training :) That's my excuse.
  16. Mr.BadExample

    Deals for 10/30 -- Pix, Bura Boomerang, M43 and Good Buys

    Wow, the Boomerang and M43 are two of the nicest I've seen in a good while. Great stuff coming out of the shop, as always.
  17. Mr.BadExample

    Deals for 10/29 -- Pix and Indonesian Model

    Wow, I hope we see more of those...
  18. Mr.BadExample

    Deals for 10/24 -- Pix and five beauties

    Dang, missed out on the Foxy. The BDC is a nice size. I have the 10 and 14" ones. Someone out to grab that one, especially if you like a full tang. The baby Chit is awesome! I hope we see more of those.
  19. Mr.BadExample

    A tip guestion

    You can stick the tip with a wrist flick, you don't need a traditional thrust. A double edge isn't really necessary, it may even weaken the point. I like my Movie Model, though. I like Ad Astra's mod, it looks like a nice way to make the point more aggressive without weakening it.
  20. Mr.BadExample

    M43 in my top 3.

    It's a real nice blade. Great balance and looks. It's a great all-arounder. I prefer the standard handles to the chiruwa/full tang kind, so mine doesn't get enough use.