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  1. DRoth

    Where do your Spydies come from?

    A modest 10 (so far) 6 PM2's 1 Manix 1 Delica 1 Dragonfly 1 Tenacious (the OG that started it all) .....and many more to come......(from USA and Japan)
  2. DRoth

    LPT - Gifting knives to non-afis

    I've wanted to give my stepdad a nice Spyderco for a couple years, but couldn't decide on the model. I finally decided on a G-10 Manix 2 for its heft and quality. Then I worried that he'd use it as a pry bar or screwdriver so I sent him a Leatherman 4 for his keychain so that he'd never be...
  3. DRoth

    Sprint Run for V-Toku2 ETA?

    Looking forward to another Delica and Dragonfly!
  4. DRoth

    Your favorite Spyderco that doesn't exist

    As I've mentioned before, a DLC red m390 pm2. Even though Jordan said it's not currently in the works, it has to happen (sooner rather than later hopefully). Others on the wishlist include a tip-up military and Delica/Enduras in white #1.
  5. DRoth

    PM2 Exclusive Speculation

    I guess the answer to what the next exclusive/sprint pm2 might be is that we have no idea. I'll be patiently waiting.
  6. DRoth

    PM2 Exclusive Speculation

    Our dealers just dropped 3000+ units in various m4 configurations that are sold out, but I don't think demand is dropping off. I try to keep up with upcoming releases, but I can't find any solid info regarding what we can expect next. I think JB/DLT could easily sell a red/cranberry...
  7. DRoth

    BHQ Para2 black CPM-M4, jade scales

    I was referring to a DLC m390 blade with red scales. AFAIK, that hasn't been done yet.
  8. DRoth

    BHQ Para2 black CPM-M4, jade scales

    Wishful thinking, but I can't imagine them not doing it. They're printing money and delighting knifenuts with these awesome combos.
  9. DRoth

    BHQ Para2 black CPM-M4, jade scales

    More perfection from Spyderco and BHQ! Can't wait for the red dlc m390 from JB/DLT!
  10. DRoth

    BHQ Para2 black CPM-M4, jade scales

    Ordered at 9:01. Confirmation email at 9:12.
  11. DRoth

    BHQ Para2 black CPM-M4, jade scales

    Got mine!
  12. DRoth

    VTOKU Sprint Run

    What's up with this? Are they just saying they sold out of their expected deliveries? BHQ still has an "email me when available" option.
  13. DRoth

    What's your at work knife and your occupation?

    Office work in the most hated profession. In the pocket daily is one of my PM2's while occasionally swapping in my M4 manix. I have a Delica, Kershaw Launch 6, and original 25-year-old Leatherman in my EDC bag.
  14. DRoth

    Knives That Have "Bit" You?

    I count 4 scars on my left hand, two of which required stitches. I'll always subscribe to the theory that dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives, but damn if those sharp knives don't come up and bite when you least expect it.
  15. DRoth

    Blade HQ exclusive M4 Para 2 DLC with Jade G10 scales

    Sorry if this is not appropriate for this subforum, but this is legit how I feel about this one!
  16. DRoth

    Fake PM 2?

    I don't know anything about that site, but I bought my first pm2 from the big river site a couple years ago before finding BF. I'm 99.5% sure it's legit, but learned here unscrupulous buyers have been known to buy real knives from them only to return fakes in the original boxes that are later...
  17. DRoth

    your purchase list so far 2018

    1. V-Toku2 Delica and Dragonfly 2. Military 2 with new factory tip-up clip 3. Para 3 and military m390 red g-10 4. 2nd run Paramilitary 2 Jade m4 5. Delica and Endura in white #1 in fire engine red frn Well, #1 at least. A boy can dream.
  18. DRoth

    New Spyderco PM2 in 52100 or Money where my mouth is.

    Great choice farmboy! Welcome to the pm2 club. You may find them spontaneously multiplying in the future
  19. DRoth

    Zero Tolerance Warranty/Repair/Customer Service

    Get off these threads and just send pics as soon as you get the knife back and you'll be completely vindicated. Everyone will cease buying ZT knives and they will finally be exposed as a sham company thanks to you. You'll be a hero!
  20. DRoth

    Experience with ZT Warranty Service

    Since we have a grammar cop present, I'd like to change it's to its in my previous post and take a foul point for my error.