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  1. KnifeAddictAK

    CG NMFSH DC Black Canvas BEATER (SOLD)

    Funds received and this one is shipping out tomorrow. Thanks for the interest and enjoy it in good health safetyman
  2. KnifeAddictAK

    CG NMFSH DC Black Canvas BEATER (SOLD)

    This one is SPF. I will PM you back in a minute safetyman and thanks!
  3. KnifeAddictAK

    CG NMFSH DC Black Canvas BEATER (SOLD)

    Up for sale is a BEATER CG NMFSH. This knife has the black canvas handles and the double cut finish. Again, let me preface this sale by saying this knife is a BEATER. It has been used, not abused, but used. I will do my best to try and give you the details of it's present state, but be aware I...
  4. KnifeAddictAK

    KDSH Military overrun -SOLD-

    This one is sold pending funds to steponmytoes since his time stamp was first via communications. Thanks all and Red Angel Dragnet, I will let you know if it falls through.
  5. KnifeAddictAK

    KDSH Military overrun -SOLD-

    Up for sale is a Swamp Rat Kill Devil Sniper Hawk (Military Overrun) from a ganza a ways back. No trades as I need the money to repair my truck and this is priced below what I paid for it. Sheath and tek-lok are included and the handle wrap was done by a forum member. This is new and has not...
  6. KnifeAddictAK

    RussMo finally home and recovering!!!

    Happy belated birthday and glad that you are recovering and back in God's country :)
  7. KnifeAddictAK

    best blade show knife period!! Freaking awesome LE AXE hammer!

    Outstanding! That is definitely a must buy and the case looks great (on the site). Always awesome to see our fallen heroes receiving honor and respect.
  8. KnifeAddictAK

    FIFA Anyone?

    Just watched the Swiss win. So is there a drinking game where you take a shot every time a futbol player takes a dive trying to get a penalty? Or did too many people die from alcohol poisoning trying this? :D ;) :p LC-H2wXK4T4
  9. KnifeAddictAK

    Pokey... Guess what day it is

    That's awesome lol
  10. KnifeAddictAK

    Pokey... Guess what day it is

  11. KnifeAddictAK


    Sue, I'm so sorry for your families loss. You all will be in my prayers.
  12. KnifeAddictAK

    Cancer is back!!!

    I hope this is the last of it as well Russ! Keep fighting the good fight brother.
  13. KnifeAddictAK

    Thank You

    Glad your Aunt Jen is doing better. Hope things continue to improve for you.
  14. KnifeAddictAK

    Busse Combat Closed Today 1/6/2014

    Stay safe and off the roads! You'll find idiots on the highways doing the posted speed limit in those conditions and it's only a matter of time before they meet Mr. Ditch/Median
  15. KnifeAddictAK

    Anniversary Mean Street ordering question

    When I ordered mine, I asked for sterile and got it.
  16. KnifeAddictAK

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for getting to sit around all day after sleeping in till noon :D
  17. KnifeAddictAK

    Off Topic - Tawny Frogmouth

    Great pics and cool birds
  18. KnifeAddictAK

    Game Day!

    Looks like a great time with great company :thumbup:
  19. KnifeAddictAK

    Did something stupid today.....

    Fell in love with the wrong women :D
  20. KnifeAddictAK

    Deer Season Update.....Elmax Steak Knife Review

    Looks like a nice haul and a good time