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  1. TXZerb

    Esee 6 Original Scales

    I'll take the VMX-3T. PM incoming.
  2. TXZerb

    Milwaukee M12 Fuel Hex Impact Driver 1/4 w Asc

    I'll take this. Pm incoming.
  3. TXZerb

    Harris Bipod and UTG Sights

    I'll take the flip-up sights. PM incoming.
  4. TXZerb


    I'll take it. PM incoming.
  5. TXZerb

    Olight Obulbs + Fisher Pen

    I'll take 'em. PM incoming.
  6. TXZerb

    Sold - Seiko SARB017 Alpinist Watch NIB

    Yessir, they are showing up now!
  7. TXZerb

    Sold - Seiko SARB017 Alpinist Watch NIB

    Dunno if it is just me, but the links don't seem to work.
  8. TXZerb

    Ares diver 1 mission timer LNIB

    Quartz or Auto version?
  9. TXZerb

    Knife storage for 60 knives

    Would you happen to know if they fit in a particular case or container (like Pelican?)