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    I’ll take the super freek. [email protected]
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    Spydercos and CRKT Pilars (Benefiting the Pups) ALL SOLD

    I’ll take the para 3 lw. Email coming
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    Giveaway for hard times--4 knives

    I retract. Go job OP.
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    Small 31 plain

    I’ll take it. What’s your PP email?
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    mini bugout in orange
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    First bench made.
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    Spyderco Smock

    I’ll take it if not
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    What ever happened to the middle class?

    I feel Mid range is 75 -199. More of a price vs material. There are some budget priced items with great materials: steel or action for examples