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  1. Pjake

    Jack Wolf Knives - The Wolf Den

    Best wishes for a successful launch! I would be interested in a couple of these....the little Bro Jack & Benny's Clip may be calling to me. Peter
  2. Pjake

    The one that got away...

    Update.....a year ago June....I pictured this Poney Jack (#68) as one I regret slipping away...... Well....after searching for the past 6 years.....I finally found this Will NOT be letting this one go.....sorry to revive an "old as dirt thread" but wanted to post to encourage folks to...
  3. Pjake

    Case Tested XX 2000 Barlow Autumn Bone; GEC #06 Pemberton White Bone; Vic Pioneer X

    We'll give him another 10 2:15 CST. He seems to be offline. at 2:15 it's yours. Peter
  4. Pjake

    Case Tested XX 2000 Barlow Autumn Bone; GEC #06 Pemberton White Bone; Vic Pioneer X

    Selling off a few for what I have into them: Case 2000 Tested XX Barlow: Velvet case ....nice knife. CONUS $OLD Shipped USPS 1st class . Factory edge...never used....never carried. GEC #06 Pemberton Smooth White Bone: LNIT..never carried, used or sharpened. SOLD Shipped USPS 1st Class...
  5. Pjake

    TC - Sepia Saw Cut (SFO)

    Got it!! Pm coming back at you Peter
  6. Pjake

    TC - Sepia Saw Cut (SFO)

    Selling my Campagna SFO TC #15. Purchased recently from an authorized GEC dealer. Asking what I have into it plus shipping. I'll eat the fees. Nice knife ...great centering...despite what you see...scales do match in color exactly...on the lighter side. $OLD Shipped USPS First Class CONUS...
  7. Pjake

    Para 3 or Paramilitary 2 for EDC?

    Prefer the size of the Para 3 vs Para 2; I however also prefer the ergos of the Native 5 (as well as the blade shape) vs the Para 3. Bottom line all 3 are great knives. Peter
  8. Pjake

    Rovyvon A9 (SOLD); Gil-Tek Ti RUK; Tom Bihn ID Bag

    RUK is sent RUK is SPF
  9. Pjake

    GEC's...#92 Camel sold, #06 Smooth White Bone withdrawn, #56 Micarta sold

    Selling three nice GEC's that just don't get carried. #92 Goldenrod Camel Bone. I am the second owner of this knife. Prior owner slightly filed the kicks down so back springs are slightly depressed. I have used to cut a couple of apples, but that's pretty much it....patina in it's...