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  1. Mike-Mike

    WTS/WTT Brand New in box Paramilitary 2.

    "Or trade for photography equipment."
  2. Mike-Mike

    WTS/WTT Brand New in box Paramilitary 2.

    Camo with Satin blade C81GPCMO2. This was on back order (from a very reputable dealer) for about a year. It just showed up at my house and I already have one. My mistake is your gain. First $120 takes it. Or trade for photography equipment. ships on me CONUS. :D
  3. Mike-Mike

    DSLR Nikon 3000 With lens

    Gently used Nikon D3000 10.2mp DSLR with kit lens (with UV filter), 2 batteries and charger, SD card, and strap. $250. Takes great shots. I can send you some samples and pics of the equipment. Just upgraded to the D7000. :D Priced to move. This is a great camera and has served me very well. I...
  4. Mike-Mike

    FS Emerson MINI cqc-15 sf BNIB

    FS Emerson MINI cqc-15 sf Brand new in box. This knife is a few years old. Priced to move $140 :D Ships in CONUS on me. Thanks.
  5. Mike-Mike

    "Givepocalypse Now!" Day 3 - KA-BAR Zombie Knives

    I'm in - Thanks
  6. Mike-Mike

    1600th Post GAW

    Spyderco Native 5. Works good in a professional environment and wont scare the sheep. Thanks for the chance.
  7. Mike-Mike

    Stuck Screw I Attacked With A Dremel

    This works. Once the head is gone there is really no pressure and they should come right out.
  8. Mike-Mike

    Waved a Tatanka

    In my experience you really don't need to remove so much material laterally. Just 3/8" to nothing in front of the hole. If that makes sense. If it gets hung up in the pocket just take a little more off.
  9. Mike-Mike

    A basic owners guide for Emerson Knives

    It says " non lock side" A lefty would be the lock side.
  10. Mike-Mike

    Naked and Afraid gear choice?

    it really comes down to 3 things. Knife/Cutting tool Fire maker Pot/Container So the real question is, what one would you give up. For me it would entirely depend on the location. If I could rig up some type of container fairly easily I would take the other 2 as my first choice.
  11. Mike-Mike

    Winner picked! 5 years.

  12. Mike-Mike

    Any memory tips to keep me out of jail?

    Find the "culinary" exception in the law and have the answer before they ask the question. I can't imagine it's illegal to cut an apple? So don't forgo the knife. Bring the apple!
  13. Mike-Mike

    There's A Knack To It!

    Not sure. It's at my dads house. I just sent him a message about it. I'll see if I can get a pic as well.
  14. Mike-Mike

    There's A Knack To It!

    I have one with a black handle.
  15. Mike-Mike

    I can't even give them away! -GAW WINNER CHOSEN!!

    Love it! Thanks for the chance.
  16. Mike-Mike

    Another guy asking for guidance

    Native 5 is a few more bucks but will also be 100% business environment friendly.
  17. Mike-Mike

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Brown PM2 S35VN