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  1. threatx3

    Shot Show 2012

    It was a pleasure to meet you Moose and I appreciate the kind words. I hope you and the Kabar/BKT crew have a great Shotshow and stay as sober as humanly possible. I'll leave you with a photo of the craziest Zombie killing machinery I could find at the show.
  2. threatx3

    Colman APEX Stove

    Yes. It has a knob that adjusts the flame from Hi to Low.
  3. threatx3

    Can't post in the selling gear exchange forum

    I thought I still had until the 30th?
  4. threatx3

    Colman APEX Stove

    I have a Coleman Apex Stove (NIB). I would like to trade if possible for a titanium cup that fits on a Nalgene bottle. I am open to other trades if anyone is interested. Looking for... 1. Titanium Cup 2. Izula 3.
  5. threatx3

    Approx 2000 ft of whilte paracord for ESEE-3

    I have approximately 2000 ft of white paracord. It's come off the spool and is tangled a bit but it's all there. It got dropped on the floor and due to being white picked up some dirt. Looking to trade the whole lot of cord or an ESEE-3. If you want, I could send photos tomorrow...
  6. threatx3

    Dremel routing table and bits Plus extras

    I have a Dremel Routing table (small) that uses a dremel tool and turns it into a mini routing table. Great for small projects. I also have a 10 piece bit set that comes with the table. I also have two Multipro dremel tools that look new but when plugged in don't work. I have no idea why...
  7. threatx3

    Polartec Underwear NIB

    I have a few sets of large longs and Small Shorts. (NIB) These are tops and bottoms. Complete sets Looking to trade for Ti nalgene camp cup. I'm open to other trades as well. Thx
  8. threatx3

    Navy Seal combat knife

    I've got one of these in like new condition. It's not new because it's not in a plastic bag. Looking to trade for an ESEE-3 or 4. Also willing to trade for a titanium cup that fits on a Nalgene bottle. I can throw in some other small items if need be.
  9. threatx3

    Lights, Vests, Boots, Solar Chargers and More

    mengal I posted a visitor message on your account. send to [email protected]
  10. threatx3

    Lights, Vests, Boots, Solar Chargers and More

    I went through some stuff that I no longer need or want. Maybe someone out there can find a use for it. I will also be adding things as I clean up my garage over the next few days. 2. A military Gasoline burning stove. Brand new with a few small dents in the box from being moved around...
  11. threatx3

    BK6 Patrol Machete Passaround Signup and Review Thread

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have the BK6 and am currently testing it on some very interesting plants.:D I will post my review up shortly. Moose...this knife is in desperate need of a sharpening. Do you have any problem with me putting some stone to the Blade? Also do you have a...
  12. threatx3

    Official Limited Run BK10 Signup Thread

    Bk#53 no email available
  13. threatx3

    Danner Acadia sz 11

    Yes, they are Gortex.
  14. threatx3

    Danner Acadia sz 11

    I have a new in box pair of Danner Acadia 200G GTX boots. Size 11 Danner website has them for 290.00. I'll take 160 Shipped OBO. PM me if interested
  15. threatx3

    FS: Multicam Pants and Boonie Hat

    I have a pair of Propper size ML multicam pants and a 7 1/4 boonie cap for sale. Asking 40 dollars shipped. thanks
  16. threatx3

    EDC Fixed Blade?

    HEST Fixed