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  1. JCavSD

    Elkhorn and Crow Peaks loop, look at my fall loadout

    Great pics...and damn you're an animal...meant in the most positive way. :)
  2. JCavSD

    G L Drew - Sometimes service is so good you just can't wait

    Agreed, nothing but good to say about Gerry. Great prices, customer service, and solid knives.
  3. JCavSD

    When are we going to do another Knife Challenge?

    Maybe a necker challenge with no scales would be a happy medium.
  4. JCavSD

    Lost Coast Backpacking

    Glad it brought back fond memories. Most of my family is from Fort Bragg (Portuguese fisherman) and as a kid I'd hear stories about fishing along the Lost Coast. Over the last 30 years I've done many motorcycle trips that have passed through that region (Honeydew, Petrolia, etc.) and I've...
  5. JCavSD

    Lost Coast Backpacking

    Northern California's Lost Coast is an unusual region. Due to the harsh terrain Hwy. 1/101 cuts inland for about 70 miles. The communities in this region have poor access and are fairly isolated. If you like your roads local, twisty, rugged, and semi-paved it's the place to be. And if enjoy...
  6. JCavSD

    Polar Bears, Beluga whales and Arctic Fox

    Damn, looks like an awesome time. Fantastic pics.
  7. JCavSD

    Do I have the right stuff?

    We all have our preferences but your list is certainly solid. I'd give up the Mora for a Vic OHT, and replace the machete with a golok.
  8. JCavSD

    Gates of the Mountains Wilderness

    Incredible scenery. But wait...18 mile run???? Impressive. I got winded just looking at the pics! If it was all downhill, and my body was stuffed in a barrel and pushed, I might be able to make it.
  9. JCavSD


    Two weeks from now I'll be on a backpacking for four days, and I still haven't decided on how to handle coffee. Leaning towards the tried-and-true MSR coffee filter. Those nasty little Starbucks instant things are tempting, and I purchased some yesterday to try again, but the real thing is...
  10. JCavSD

    Best Quality Exterior Car Detailing Products

    I use Zaino products on my bikes, but that may be out of your price range.
  11. JCavSD

    Cool Find During Hike Today !

    Wow, those eggs look delicate. Found this two weeks ago and assume they're humming birds. All gone now...someone bigger got hungry. :(
  12. JCavSD

    I prefer the winter and fall vs. the spring and summer

    I'm in San Diego County, so for the most part it's one big season with small summer and winter peaks. Summer does limit many of the best inland hiking & camping options, but the beaches look tasty. :) For motorcycling the weak winter can prevent riding at higher elevations where the best...
  13. JCavSD

    Testing Water??

    Keep in mind that water quality in ponds and streams can change dramatically based on a variety of circumstances. One dead floating beaver or runoff from a rain event can be a game changer. Surface water is notoriously unpredictable, so don't think that one batch of tests will give you the...
  14. JCavSD

    Sequoia Bush Bash 2014. May 2-4

    Well looks like it's going to be summer in spring. Weather will be perfect. Just coming out of a new moon so nights will be lit by the stars.
  15. JCavSD

    Sequoia Bush Bash 2014. May 2-4

    I've seen her, she's flesh and blood. New Years in Anza Borrego she prepared dinner on a wok over the campfire (barrel cut down). Best Chinese food ever. Bring Bella for sure, my buddy is bringing his two old dogs and they need a young pup to liven them up.
  16. JCavSD

    Sequoia Bush Bash 2014. May 2-4

    I'll be there, and ready to lose the shooting competition again (and again and again and again). Let's include slingshot this time.
  17. JCavSD

    Lowa Boots?

    I find the Lowa Renegade GTX boots very comfortable. A good pair of insoles can really tune-up a boot and customize the arch support. Check out Superfeet.
  18. JCavSD

    GL Drew Can Make Kitchen Knives

    :thumbup: I have several of Gerry's knives and all are well made and do the trick. Seems like a decent guy and he delivers promptly. His kitchen knives (I have two), however, are exceptional. I've been using this one (see link below) for months, I don't see why he makes anything else. Well...
  19. JCavSD


    He doesn't know how to tighten up a vid to get the pertinent information across without the bull. Hard for me to watch.
  20. JCavSD

    Looking for saw recommendations

    For several years I've been using the Bahco Laplander for camping and general yard use. Light, sturdy, and does the trick every time.