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  1. adam4584

    A Day In The... Knife? Daily, What Do You Actually Use Your EDC For?

    usually opening boxes but lots of times it scrapes gaskets, cuts zipties and similar items. carry a CRK Lg 21 sebenza all day every day.
  2. adam4584

    Photos Sharing CRK Art - My Ever Changing CRK Collection

    i keep saying this and it still rings true. you ma'am have an amazing collection and some day i hope to have 1/4 of what you have.
  3. adam4584

    Another Paypal Discussion

    i's sure its been said but what i hate is when a seller says "add 3% for G&S". add it to the original price or eat it. its also against PP policy to do so. and when i have mentioned that to sellers i have gotten anything from "ok ill adjust or eat it" to "f*ck off you dont know what your...
  4. adam4584

    THE CRK Birthday Wish List

    lookin for a couple of dates. 7-1-2003 long shot but anything that day would be great and 9-12 year doesn't matter
  5. adam4584

    2018 knife resolutions

    i plan on at least one new CRK and multiple new to me CRK. would love to find an umfaan and small regular. other than that ho knows
  6. adam4584

    exquisite blade.

    looks like a regular dvd to me. as in its not a "foil backed" plastic disc. it's silk screened and everything so i assume its a normal dvd.
  7. adam4584

    exquisite blade.

    well i did talk to anne. and i have watched the dvd before and had no problems with it the first time. so i have no idea whats wrong.
  8. adam4584

    exquisite blade.

    hey guy i got a copy of the latest release of the exquisite blade dvd from crk and was curious if anyone else out there has gotten a copy of it? if so have y'all had any trouble playing it? i'm on my second copy the first was sent to crk and was replaced and this copy that i got back from them...
  9. adam4584

    Used Watches

    well here it is. be easy on the pics cus they were taken with my iphone. i did take it buy a reputable high end watch dealer but they couldn't make heads or tales of it because their watch guy doesn't have any experience with panerai.
  10. adam4584

    Used Watches

    after i pick it up i do plan on taking it to a high end watch dealer because the closest panerai dealer is 3ish hours away. if it is legit it would be the deal of the century in my book and if its not it's still a really nice copy/replica. i know some people don't like buying copy/replica...
  11. adam4584

    Used Watches

    Well y'all cemented something I was thinkin. So I guess a trip back to his place is in order. I'll throw up some pics when I pick it up
  12. adam4584

    Used Watches

    Well that's what I'm thinkin. The guy owns a watch repair operation. I was asking him where to get an old Rolex fixed and mentioned panerai and he busted out this one. Held it and tried it on and he told me all he wants for it is repair cost. Witch is less than the cheapest citizen on sale that...
  13. adam4584

    Used Watches

    specifically higher end watches. I found a smoking deal on a Panerai Luminor and was curious if the used higher end watches were worth the money or are they just money pits? A little about the specific watch. it is a standard luminor with a date and is around 4yrs old its been worn and you...
  14. adam4584

    Sooo, this may be a shot in the dark concerning my original style Umnum....

    hey david not sure what area of dfw your in, but you might want to sheck out the house of blades over off of quebec st and 820 north on the north side of ft worth. last time i was there they have several chris reeve knives in stock. ranging from sebenzas to the one piece fixed blades. its...
  15. adam4584

    Halloween Giveaway! FREE Umnumzaan TAKEDOWN TOOL!

    $25.83. Thanks for the chance
  16. adam4584

    My first CRK fixed blade

    nice score man. i had a chance to handle one at the gun show last weekend myself. and if i had the money it would have gone home with me. whitch show did you pick it up at?
  17. adam4584

    Folder for formal wear! Please advise. Thank you.

    if money is not an issue a CRK Mnandi in damascus and mamoth ivory
  18. adam4584

    Knife of your Dreams...

    large regular sebenza insingo in s90v or cpm m4 or a bill burke river of fire damascus zahn.
  19. adam4584

    Check this CRK fixed blade Clone out

    what i find funny it that he said that all logos were removed. but if you look at the 2nd, 3rd, and last picture the fob on the but cap still has chris reeve's logo on it
  20. adam4584

    Good portable propane heater?

    how big are you talking? we have a small coleman that runs off the small 1lb(i think) bottles and it's perfect for camping. works as a stove and heater and will do in a bind in case of emergency. they're not exactly...