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    FS: Lots of Spyderco, Benchmade, Microtech

    could you put a pic up for the ti salsa
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    Ranking of Steels in Categories based on Edge Retention cutting 5/8" rope

    on your vid of the cts-bd1 mule the edge retention looked great vs the cardboard box
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    Uh-oh... the knife you don't even THINK about

    unless you go to the airport. ive lost many a SAK at the airport :mad:
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    Contest!-Build the best PSK win Izula II #00000001

    Being that I am still young and have limited funds, my PSK has stayed the same forever and is small. BM 556 Altoids 1st Aid kit (among many alotid tins kits i have) SAK Swiss Champ Spyderco Mule 9cr18mo with custom micarta and kydex sheath made by me:) Light My Fire firesteel Paracord...
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    New Edge Pro

    i see the zaxbys napkins in the background.. i LOVE zaxbys. where do you live. wish i could afford the edge pro but i cant justify the purchase over some thing like a benchmade943 or microtech utx 70
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    WTT Orange BM Griptillian

    interested, price?