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    Quick question re: Tops/Buck CSAR-T folder

    I'd like to remove this pocket clip, but for the life of me cannot figure out what size/type of bit/wrench I'll need to extract the three tiny screws - they look like Torx screws, but my tool set from my Jeeping days doesn't have a wrench that small. Any help IDing the exact size I'll need is...
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    Hey, can you shoot me a PM with more specs on the Kona Cinder Cone bike, the model year, frame size, some pictures, etc? I'm interested, but it's hard finding a bike that "fits" since I have the physical build of a Tolkien dwarf (long torso, short legs).
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    Sleeping Bag Help

    Check out the SnugPak bags at They have a couple of models with a built-in expansion baffle. I bought the Chrysalis bag for warmer weather.
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    Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Sleeping Bag-SOLD

    Thanks - I was having trouble matching up the model #s with their respective names.
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    Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Sleeping Bag-SOLD

    MH - can you be more specific? There are several Softie Chrysalis models - which is this? Thanks, KD
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    Traditional Archers of CA. Rancho Neblina shoot 2011..

    I'm interested in the specs of the various bows you and your crew used, Mike. Interested - and jealous. Many MANY years ago my uncle gave me his old Shakespeare recurve (yes, the same company that makes the Ugly Stik fishing rods) and I had a blast with that thing for years until I gave it...
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    Looking for a good/tough pack...

    Hey Oilburner - shoot me an email at [email protected] I'll send you a link to my pack (not sure what the rules are here on BF). If you have any interest at all, I'm heading up to the Adirondacks in 3 weeks and will be passing through your area (also have a brother and some nephews in...
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    Mystery Ranch SATL pack VS Kifaru Ultralight 3700?

    Yeah - Dana Gleason, the founder, had to wait until his "non-compete clause" expired after K2 purchased Dana Designs (and then was later itself bought by Marmot, I think) - and then he started Mystery Ranch, out of Bozeman, MT.
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    Rampant Becker detractor outed as an apparent scam artist (on another forum)...

    That Cleveland address is listed as an apartment complex called Brookside Way - was the guy using it as the address of his alleged gun-shop?
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    Rampant Becker detractor outed as an apparent scam artist (on another forum)...

    From ZabaSearch: MICHAEL M TAYLOR More Info on MICHAEL TAYLOR Check for Email Address Google 4211 FULTON Neighborhood & Property Report Record Created: 06/2004 CLEVELAND, OH 44144 (216) 741-3369 Confirm Current Phone & Address Background Check on MICHAEL M TAYLOR
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    Hiking Pack Recommendation

    Check into the Camelbak TriZip - it's got the Camelbak durability with a Mystery Ranch Futura Harness suspension, but at a much, much lower price than a MR pack. That Futura Harness might be the most comfortable and adjustable I've ever worn. This will be my pack for a 4-day, 50 mile loop...
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    Mystery Ranch SATL pack VS Kifaru Ultralight 3700?

    Can't speak for Kifaru, but I'm a HUGE fan of Mystery Ranch, all the way back to when they were Dana Designs. Their packs were bombproof even then - I can only salivate at the changes/improvements they've made since. I was on FaceBook for quite some time today talking "live" with one of their...
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    Looking for a good/tough pack...

    Without knowing exactly what you need (price range, tactical or civilian, how large/heavy your usual loads, etc) I have no idea if this would interest you, but I have a Dana Designs (the ancestor of Mystery Ranch) Loadmaster Longbed I'm selling on some backpacking forums. It's argueably the...
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    Looking for a good/tough pack...

    Shoot me a PM - may have something you'd be interested in. KD
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    Wetterlings, Fallkniven, ESEE, Kabar and More

    I'll take the Wetterlings! PM inbound. Edit: Not sure if I sent you a PM or an E-mail, but I sent something. haha KD
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    Tops/Buck CSAR-T: Need an overall Opinion from an owner!

    Recently bought one off another forum for $75 and the thing is built like a tank. I really like the sheath, too. For that price I love it - but I wouldn't have paid very much more for it, as there are too many just-as-good options out there. This will be my backpacking belt-knife, with my...