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  1. ferrethawk

    Black Micarta Large and Small

    I'll take the small micarta.
  2. ferrethawk

    The "P&L Statement" Is Coming Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    I received mine. It feels great in the hand! Similar in size to a RMD, just a little longer in blade length and OAL.
  3. ferrethawk

    Lots Of Cool Stuff Coming!!!!!

    April Fools Ganzaa? That would just be mean... :D
  4. ferrethawk

    21-21Ganzaaa . . . . .This Sunday February 21, 2021 . . .

    I was thinking that as well from the coloring on the tubes, but I wasn't sure.
  5. ferrethawk

    21-21Ganzaaa . . . . .This Sunday February 21, 2021 . . .

    Just curious, are the handles on the various snow tiger knives cerakoted or are they grey/white G10?
  6. ferrethawk

    *SOLD*Large Black Micarta Sebenza 21

    I'll take it per PMs.
  7. ferrethawk

    It's Time To Make A Statement My Friends!!!!! . . .

    Next knife will be called "Statement" or "A Statement" or SMF? :D
  8. ferrethawk

    CONTEST!!!!! . . . Win A $1,000.00 Shop Credit And A Free Limited Edition Blade!!!

    big dASHes Bolster Attendance - Anniversary Straight Handle Badger Attack?