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    Sharpen slipjoints

    Thats a beatiful Case
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    Traditional and Modern pairings

    I just started carrying an izula and case scout knife together. Ive had the Case since I was 12, but just fell in love with it again and it replaced a berretta oho folder in my pocket. The Izzy just arrived yesterday.
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    sharpening recommendations

    Thanks for the recomendations. Interesting ideas about the compound on the back of the belt. When at work Im wearing a nylon duty belt, so not really on option for me on most days. The Izula definitely doesnt need work....hes freshly arrived today and freshly wrapped, ready to join the trusty...
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    sharpening recommendations

    Thanks for the info. It's my first time posting on here and I'm working from an android keypad. sorry if the font etc came out funky.
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    sharpening recommendations

    Im looking for a good sharpener to keep on hand in my edc bag for use with an Izula. I will also be using it to maintain an old Case 640045R. The Case is from when i was a kid and is made of some kind of cv as well, not sure if its 1095 or whatever Case used in the late 80s, but pretty certain...