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    It can shave, but not slice a tomato????

    I'll put in my bid here for high hardness steels. I have always found the softer steels usually found in cheaper knives (but not always) to be much more challenging to sharpen then a good quality steel in a high hardness (62+ HRC). I don't waste a lot of time chasing burrs, which for me, is...
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    Angle consistency on small knives

    Same problem here. Narrow knives take a lot more concentration for me than wider blades.
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    KNIPEX - Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers

    I have some of Gary's work, and it truly is top notch.
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    One essential piece of gear

    Fenix EO1 for flashlight is always in my pocket, along with a space pen. With regard to lighting, I like the flint metal match. I don't have a source, but if you google it, they are cheap and available everywhere. They have a rubber gasket that I've tested out for over 5 years, and still no...
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    Lanyards work great for small folders

    That's me as well. I find them useful for getting the knife out of the pocket, don't really use them to improve the grip. But if it works for you, more power to you!
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    M390 vs D2. Is it worth it?

    It's a shame that most makers don't run 1095 up to 65 HRC. The performance difference is staggering. Same with M2 HSS at 66.
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    The K390 Thread - Photos and Experiences

    But wait, I thought "super steels" were hard to sharpen, lol! Got the Mule, Endela, and Delica in K390, along with others from other makers. Love this steel, so easy to sharpen....
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    M390 vs D2. Is it worth it?

    I think you're going to be very happy with the M390 steel, one of my favorites.
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    Got the little locking Knipex Cobra wrench today

    My dad was a combat engineer with the 246th Engineer Combat Battalion who landed at Omaha Beach. His TL-29 is one of my most prized possessions.
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    Got the little locking Knipex Cobra wrench today

    I had no idea that Knipex were at the Orange big box. Thanks to all for that education, off to the store tomorrow!
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    One Pocket Knife for 12 Months: Lionsteel BM13

    Thank you! I was wondering what a slip was. I tried google translate, but couldn't find an correct english -> american english option. You know, 2 countries separated by a common language, and all that... :D
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    I've seen them overhyped to the point of nausea on this and other forums. They are good knives for the money, but certainly not the best knife out there for the woods or anything else. I like them for gardening knives, and backup since they are light.
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    I think Moras are good knives - for the money. They are cheap and work pretty good for what they are designed for. I have several of them, mostly for gardening and in hiking backpacks because they are light. They don't come anywhere near my more high performance knives, but I don't expect...
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    Review Brisa Nessmuk 125

    Thanks for the comprehensive review! That's a great looking Nessmuk, I'm sure you will enjoy it for many years! Great job getting your daughter into this hobby as well!
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    Can a big blade replace a hatchet/axe?

    This subject gets beaten to death a couple of times every year. It's fun to debate things like this, but unless you are building a cabin in the woods, most of this is overkill, IMO. To me, an axe is not a hatchet. Very different. I have some larger knives that beat my hatchets and still do...
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    KNIPEX - Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers

    These little pliers came in very handy for me last weekend. I was replacing some lights, and the ground screw was a standard, but it was so high up in the can (recessed ceiling light) I had to use the pliers to tighten it. I don't have an SAE 1/4 inch drive socket, but the pliers did the trick!
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    Can a big blade replace a hatchet/axe?

    Hatchet yes, axe, no. Nothing beats an axe in the wilderness for capability. And saying that, a good saw is incredibly useful as well. But a saw can't break through ice on a lake to get drinking water....
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    If you could only have one knife to be your everything, what would it be?

    Easy, Victorinox Huntsman. Far and away the best choice for me in a "one knife" scenario.
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    Just picked one up in K390. So far, I love it. The Endura is just a little too big for comfortable pocket carry for me, this one really fills the bill. I'm a big fan of the K390 steel.
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    Have you ever experienced a "knife incident" at your place of work?

    Similar story. I worked for a large company with a strict "no knife" or gun policy, including your vehicle. Good luck getting permission to search mine. Anyway, I printed the policy out, and when a senior executive retired, in the kitchen, with HR cutting his cake, they pulled a 10 inch...