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    Peanut frustration

    I second the Lansky crock sticks. They sell a wooden turnbox set that will get pretty much any knife as sharp as you'd need one to be, it travels well, is pretty affordable, and only takes a few minutes to figure out how to use it. I also use a Lansky clamp system to thin down the bevels of...
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    Opinel users….?

    I tend to like the blade fairly snug, and the locking ring a little more on the lighter end of the spectrum. Most of the tinkering I do with a new one is to loosen up the resistance on the locking ring, using some snap ring pliers to open up the ring so that it doesn't hurt my thumb to rotate...
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    what Buck products do you want to see in the future?

    303 with an awl instead of a spey blade.
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    What do you use your 'awl' for?

    The awl on a Victorinox is my favorite box opener. I don't have to worry about getting tape residue on my blade. I've used it frequently to make holes in drywall for drywall anchors to hang shelving/clocks/and etc. I've used it to get at the little clip that holds network cables in the...
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    Single Bladed Traditional Folder under $35

    My brother lives in the city and has carried an Opinel Walnut #6 for a while now. Nobody notices and nobody cares. Don't wave the knife around in front of strangers or in restaurants, and nobody will care. I've had a modern folder clipped to my pocket on several visits. Had pictures taken...
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    Through better or worse, what makes you stick with Buck knives?

    Just saw that on their website. After seeing that, it's the reason that my next knife will be a Buck. Maybe every knife after that, too, just to support them for having the guts to put that out there and take what comes with it.
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    Question for Opinel Experts

    All mine hit in the bottom of the channel like you've described. If it's affected the edge at all, I can't tell it. They're all razor sharp. Another option would be to glue a bit of rubber band in the bottom of the channel if you're really concerned about it. It doesn't seem to affect any of...
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    Opinel Opening too easy

    +1 on the snap ring pliers. I got some off 'the river' for around $8 shipped. They're incredibly helpful when your Opinel needs some fine tuning, which they will from time to time.
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    A question for you Opinel guys out there.

    I have my #6 Carbone in my pocket right now as luck would have it. And looking at it, the blade is bent ever so slightly to the right. Not as much as yours, but there is a very slight curve. I'd chalk it up to a very fine blade moving a little during heat treat. If you wouldn't have posted...
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    Opinel Converts

    Good job, man. I have a similar story with a buddy of mine. He never carried a knife. But this past summer we spent some time fishing and kayaking together. Showed him my Trout Oak handled Opinel #8. After we get back home, he orders a Walnut #6 and has been carrying it since. A #6 is a lot...
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    I just acquired an old "beater" of a Case knife.

    Good score on that knife buddy. Looks like it's starting to clean up nice, too. If you want a good, inexpensive, and user-proof sharpening system, take a look at Lansky's Turnbox Crock Stick Sharpener. I think I paid around $14 for mine, and it keeps my knives super sharp. I'm awful at free...
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    Organisation of the opinel

    I'll have to try to get a picture of the Opie gang. Got my first couple Opinels last Christmas, and now the count is up to six. Overachieving Opinel Operators. :thumbup:
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    Case Slimline Trapper problem, Yes or No? Opinions welcome.

    I've got a few Case knives and they all look comparable. Now if the spring is proud when the blade is open or shut, then that would give me cause to send it in. Otherwise, great looking knife. My boy's favorite color is purple, so I may have to get him one in that handle color. Looks really...
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    A knife gift for a non-knife person

    I'd say a Victorinox SAK. Any variety will do. They're well made, non threatening, easy to maintain, and handy as it gets. I think they're almost the gateway drug of the knife world. If a SAK won't turn them into a knife person, nothing will. Also, they can be had relatively inexpensively...
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    manliness and the traditional knife

    If manly means prepared for the day, then yes. I feel kind of naked without a knife. To go along with jackknife's comment, one of the carry pieces of traditional manliness is a pocket knife. I was given a pocketknife by my Uncle when it was deemed I was man enough (responsible and trustworthy...
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    Buck Vs Case

    My dad collects Case knives, so I've had more exposure to those than Buck. I have several Case knives, and I think they're good quality and all have come sharp out of the box, good spring tension, and nothing extremely off about them. I like Buck's 3 spring stockman design better as the blades...
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    Buck 303, Warranty and Customer Service

    Just saying kudos to Buck for taking care of this in person so to speak. Stinks that you got a wonky replacement, but sounds like you're going to get a hand picked one this time around. I'd take a little headache for a hand picked upgrade any day, but ymmv. I keep kicking myself for not...
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    Camp Life, Moras & Opinels

    Sounds like a great weekend. It's hard to beat fresh air, food cooked over an open fire, and some good old fashioned manual labor to set the world right. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Opinel #8 my "Slim" Collection: Beech, Bubinga, Ebony, Oak, Olive Wood

    NICE looking Opinels you have there, Gary. I have the standard #8 in Olive, and though it's not quite the looker that your #6 is, it sure is a looker. The Opinel marking on the Olive one came off pretty easily compared to the beech ones, but it was one of my first so it may just be showing age...
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    WINNERS SELECTED! 2K post GAW-Bullnose, Case Sodbuster jr & Queen Country Cousin

    Wow, you are a very generous guy, TrevyTrev. I'M IN! 1. Bullnose 2. Country Cousin 3. Case Thanks for the opportunity.