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  1. Mike Fitz

    Orange Manix2 FFG S30v

    AWESOME! I've been wishing for a Manix 2 in orange G-10 since the first ones came out, can't wait for these to show up! Had to order 2 just in case!
  2. Mike Fitz

    Para-Military2 - Clarification/Announcement

    +++1. I'd LOVE to see orange G10 on a Manix 2!
  3. Mike Fitz

    Sage 2 Torx size?

    T8 is loose in all the screws on mine but T9 fits perfectly. You might get away with a T8, or if your screws are like mine you might end up stripping them out. If you go to Sears, bring the knife with you and try both to see what fits best.
  4. Mike Fitz

    Sage 2 Torx size?

    Just checked mine, it's a T9. I bought a set of Craftsman Torx drivers from the local Sears/Sears hardware, they have them down to T6 or smaller.
  5. Mike Fitz

    Any news on the Para-Military 2?

    I'll pick one up if there's a sprint run in orange G-10. I like the redesign, just looks a little plain to me dressed in black.
  6. Mike Fitz

    I don't get love for folders!

    I carry $100.00+ folders 'cause a Bud K Jungle Bowie clashes with my suit and tie at work.
  7. Mike Fitz

    new spyderco!

    Caly 3 CF goes .370" so it is a bit slimmer than the Delica 4, at least on mine.
  8. Mike Fitz

    new spyderco!

    Yep, it's in inches, sorry!
  9. Mike Fitz

    new spyderco!

    Delica 4 -.385 Sage 2- .400 Sage- .450
  10. Mike Fitz

    are there going to be more sar 3s?

    I snagged an LE and a couple o' pumpkins, but I'd have to grab a bumblebee if they ever make one!
  11. Mike Fitz

    Random ESEE Firekit Contest

    #39- Thanks!
  12. Mike Fitz

    Sar-3 will be up tonight, thurs 13th 9:30 eastern time!

    That was brutal! Wound up with 4 in my cart from having to refresh so I let 2 back into the wild.
  13. Mike Fitz

    SAR 3 What's next??

    If Skunk runs out of booze and it's not good fishing weather I'd expect to see some pumpkins up in the next day or two.
  14. Mike Fitz

    Where to buy?

    They're actually located in Florida now, but they kept the name.
  15. Mike Fitz

    SAR 3 Orange G-10

    Skunker, you're my new hero! I love it!
  16. Mike Fitz

    SAR 3 Orange G-10

    I would, but I'll settle for pumpkin, which is prob'ly more likely to happen (soon I hope!)
  17. Mike Fitz

    Couple Of Sar-3 Pics, Coming Tonight!

    Don't forget the pumpkin! There's been a pumpkin version of every SAR so far, gotta get one (or two).
  18. Mike Fitz

    Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Another Brown Truck!!!

    Desert pumpkin? ;)