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  1. Red Dirt Okie

    Spyderco Rex 45 Sprints and Standard Clipitool

    I will take the Rex Manix please. Email sent.
  2. Red Dirt Okie


    Yes, sir. The Delica is still available. PM sent.
  3. Red Dirt Okie


    Email sent
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  5. Red Dirt Okie

    Stretch 2 G10/ZDP189--Sold

    Hi all. This is another knife that I've had for a while that has just set in the box that should find a new home. It's not used and never carried. I am asking $155 G&S for it and I will ship USPS Priority. Thank you all for looking. Stretch 2 G10 --sold to Smittyc5----thank you I also have...
  6. Red Dirt Okie

    Manix 2 Satin M390 and Native 5 LW REX45

    The Manix 2 and the Manix XL are the most recent and only iterations of the Manix currently available. I never owned an original version so I can't say. There is currently no such thing as a Native LW with a compression lock.
  7. Red Dirt Okie

    Manix 2 Satin M390 and Native 5 LW REX45

    Hi folks. Neither knife has been carried nor used and are LNIB. They are nice knives but they just won't get into my regular rotation. I am asking $150 G&S for the Manix and $120 for the Native LW or $260 for the pair. Thank you all for looking. Manix 2 M390 sold to 54shooter Native LW...
  8. Red Dirt Okie

    52100 Para 3--Sold

    Hi all. This is another knife that I've owned long enough without carrying that it's time for it to move on. I flipped the clip once to tip down carry but I still didn't carry it so I returned it to tip up. I maintained the blade and pivot area with a light coat of mineral oil while in...
  9. Red Dirt Okie

    Rex45 Manix--Sold

    Hi all. Neither of these have seen any pocket time so it's time for them to find a new home. I have handled each but both are LNIB condition. I am asking $160 for the Manix (sold to ApexPilot). Stretch withdrawn. Thanks for looking. Rex45 Manix $160 G&S--Sold to ApexPilot---Thank you
  10. Red Dirt Okie

    Satin 10V PM2/ Red G10 UKPK plus Bonus--All Sold

    Hi all. I bought this REC Exclusive 10V PM2 and I haven't carried it since I received it. Condition is LNIB. I have the Heinnie Haynes Exclusive UKPK with G10 and S30V made in Golden that I bought from Country Knives in the US and I also have never carried. Condition is LNIB. The UKPK comes...
  11. Red Dirt Okie

    Spyderco Collection for Sale

    I will take the Millie. PM sent
  12. Red Dirt Okie

    Pair of Para 3s 204P/Rex45--Both Sold

    Hi folks. These are a couple of impulse buys. I bought the 204P KW exclusive because I love their Millie but I am unlikely to use the P3. Similar story with the Orange/OD CS REX. It's cool in it's uniqueness but I went REX45 crazy and I ended up with way too much of it. Both have been lightly...
  13. Red Dirt Okie

    REX45 Overload

    Orange/Blue Para 3 sold to shockwave 71730. Other Para 3 is withdrawn. Thanks Shock!!
  14. Red Dirt Okie

    Gayle Bradley Air--Sold

    This is a Spring clean knife. I like it but I have never carried it. It has a razor sharp factory edge and beautiful glass fiber scales. There is a very light dot of blue patina on the presentation side that formed while stored in the box but it is too faint to get in the pic. Everyone take care...
  15. Red Dirt Okie

    Spyderco Military 204P

    I will take the 204p Millie please.
  16. Red Dirt Okie

    NIB REX PARA 3 LW-Sold

    Hi folks. I bought this but the likelihood of me using it is pretty slim. I have only had it out to look at. I am pricing it at $140. That's cost plus my sales tax (8.5%) and Priority USPS shipping to you. I will eat the Paypal fees. Everyone please stay safe and thank you for looking. Para...
  17. Red Dirt Okie

    Two Spyderco Cricket Bundle and a GITD Delica--all sold

    They are yours but please give me some contact info. I am unable to PM you.