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    I get it now...I love it!

    +1 Quickly!
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    Help needed

    Rob is the best!
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    Slicer Grind

    Well, you can flip them open with the flipper instead of using the thumb stud. :cool: The flipper acts as a nice finger guard in the normal, or reverse grip while stabbing or puncturing an object. :thumbup: Flipper looks cool when open. :D All, imho! ;) Josey
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    Tip Up or Tip Down?

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    XM-18 Sharpening Angle

    27* to 30* per side for me.
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    Tip Up or Tip Down?

    Tip Down, the way it comes from Rick.
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    My new son!

    Very nice! I like the new flat screws!
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    Hinderer wish list!

    XM-24 Flipper in Satin with CF scale textured or smooth with that "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _" lock up!:D
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    Extreme Duty Pen *Giveaway* - Winner #55 holygoat

    I'm in! I can't find my first one! :(
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    Rick Hinderer Knives Picture Thread

    Here's a couple...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Well, there you are!!! You can run, but you can't hide!!! :D Glad to see y'all here! :thumbup:
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    Val-Matic by Lone Wolf Knives (2)

    (2) Val-Matic's - Mint in box. Never carried or sharpened. $250 each. $450 for both. Shipping & Paypal included to CONUS. No Trade offers, please! One is a First Production and the other regular production. The Val-Matic by Lone Wolf Knives is a true double-action, automatic opening...
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    Hinderer 3" Satin, Gen 2 style, XM-18 Flipper

    Hinderer 3" Satin, Gen 2 style, XM-18 Flipper with orange scale. Mint! Never carried, or sharpened! Selling to fund a GRAIL that has come available. So help me out here, y'all! Please, No Trade Offers. $850 USPS Insured Priority Mail and Paypal fees included! This is a deal you want to...
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    RJ Martin ,Strider Custom

    pm sent on Strider.
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    Martin knives wsk

    Back up trade offer. PM sent.