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  1. Sketch32

    Grimsmo Norseman (Withdrawn)

    Up for sale is my Grimsmo Norseman. Never used or carried. Acid etched and tumbled blade. Starburst 2.0 handles in blue with ice blue accents. Born 12/17/2020. I couldn't ask for a better example. Just as good as anticipated. I've decided its just not for me. Price: withdrawn May...
  2. Sketch32

    6 Canal Street Cutlery (SOLD)

    Up for sale are 6 Canal Street Cutlery knives from my collection. These are very nice knives. See photo for descriptions. 1. Ebony Three Blade Whittler - Sold 2. Green Abalone Half Moon Trapper - sold 3. AAPK Forum Knife, Ebony Stockman - Sold 4. Green Stag Bone Cannitler - sold 5. Dark...
  3. Sketch32

    Microtech Socom Elite

    Up for sale is a new in box Microtech Socom Elite. Made October 2020. This is an excellent example with solid lockup and incredible action. The only reason I'm selling is because I have two and I need to make room for another coming in. Knife shipped to US addresses with USPS priority mail...
  4. Sketch32

    Terrain 365™ Invictus-AT

    Up for sale is my Terrain 365 Invictus - AT. This one is currently out of stock. I have carried it a few times, but it hasn't been used or sharpened. Has a few light carry marks of the titanium finish. Has some slight lock stick, but it seems to be breaking in and diminishing. Great rust...
  5. Sketch32

    Northwoods Scagel, Stag #9 (PRICE DROP)

    Up for sale is a big Northwoods Scagel. With stacked leather and crown stag pommel. I believe these Scagels used 1095 steel. There is a little spiderweb mark near tip. Unused and unsharpened. USA made in 2005. Great piece. Price: $old Untitled by Matt Franklin, on FlickrUntitled by Matt...
  6. Sketch32

    Bark River Boone 2, A2 Steel (Price Drop)

    I have it packaged up ready to ship. Post office is next door to where I work. It’s a beautiful and functional knife with great steel.
  7. Sketch32

    Knife Lot - Buck, CRKT, NRA

    Sorry, I need to sell these as a lot to make it worth it for me.
  8. Sketch32

    Bark River Boone 2, A2 Steel (Price Drop)

    Up for sale is a Bark River Boone 2 in stacked black leather and A2 steel. New in box. Leather sheath is sealed in original bag. First Production Run. Price:$old Shipped to US address using USPS Priority Mail Thanks for taking a look. Untitled by Matt Franklin, on FlickrUntitled by Matt...
  9. Sketch32

    Knife Lot - Buck, CRKT, NRA

    Up for sale is a 3 knife lot. All knives are new in box. 1. CRKT - M4-02W - assisted opening. Solid lockup and centered blade. 2. NRA lockback, Colonial Knives, USA made 3. Buck Gent - 100 year anniversary edition with pin. Withdrawn Thanks for taking a look Untitled by Matt Franklin, on...