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  1. DocH

    CRKT M16-14SFA (USA) Special Forces Folder NIB

    Willing to discount if more than 1 is bought.
  2. DocH

    Greetings All (LTNS) And some I.D. help Please!

    Sounds good! Thanks, Ed
  3. DocH

    Greetings All (LTNS) And some I.D. help Please!

    Greetings!! RE The Bura Bowie, I am indeed looking to thin the herd!! I don't have a clue what to ask tho... Ideas? Thanks again, Ed
  4. DocH

    Browning 611 and 610 Folders for sale New with Box

    Browning Piranha 611 Blade Length- 3.25in ATS-34 Steel with TI Liner Tanto Carbon Fiber Handle NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION Price=$100 Paypal in Conus shipping = $7.20 Browning Piranha 610 Blade Length- 3.25in ATS-34 Steel with TI Liner Tanto G10 Handle NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION Price=$75 Paypal in...
  5. DocH

    Greetings All (LTNS) And some I.D. help Please!

    Greetings Bawa Thanks so MUCH Bawanna!! And to everybody for Their help and for putting up with Me stumbling around Bladeforums!! Ed
  6. DocH

    Greetings All (LTNS) And some I.D. help Please!

    THANKS!!! My lack of knowledge here is really showing!! I take it You are looking thru Archives? Again, Thanks to You!! Ed
  7. DocH

    What knife would you use to kill a bear?

    This is a Great question!! Assuming that swords are out, I would use a Great knife hand forged by the very skilled Kamis in Surya Benai, Nepal. (Quick note: I don't work for Himalayan Imports!!) This knife feels very nice in the hand, even if it is on the large side! Their blades are so SOLID...
  8. DocH

    Himalayan Imports Villager Khukuri

    For Sale as I just need to thin the herd a bit! A Villager Khukuri with an 12 inch blade. I included a pic of the Kami's markings as I am not sure which Kami forged this blade. As You can see, The Villager Khukuri is not finished in a shiny manner and is designed with the emphasis on use and...
  9. DocH

    Greetings All (LTNS) And some I.D. help Please!

    Hey_Steely_Gunz!!!! Thanks MUCH for the info.... Like I said...way embarrassing that I don't remember the types and names of the blades!! Ed
  10. DocH

    Greetings All (LTNS) And some I.D. help Please!

    Greetings Ms. Yangdu and All Forum Folks!! It has been awhile since We have been active here! Could I kindly get some help with ID on Our (Willow and I) HI Family? If some of You Fellow HI Fans have a moment, it would be Great to get ID's on the blades! I am kind of embarrassed that I don't...
  11. DocH

    CRKT M16-14SFA (USA) Special Forces Folder NIB

    HI! Thanks for the post...No, I am asking $95 for 1 knife. Willing to discuss if all 3 are wanted!
  12. DocH

    CRKT M16-14SFA (USA) Special Forces Folder NIB

    I have 3 of these knives NIB for sale. According to CRKT this is Their Large Tanto. CRKT made these in The USA years ago, but now They are made overseas. I called CRKT and the last "Catalog Date" was around 2010 and the MSRP was $129.95 I have heard a story that a US Agency wanted Their knives...
  13. DocH

    Happy Birthday~

    Greetings and The Happiest of Birthdays to You, Ms. Yangdu Ed n Sandy
  14. DocH

    Spring special Kumar Villager Utility Knife, MMCR, MMB for 3/14 HAS been a long time since We have been here!! Just wanted to say how Gorgeous the photos are!! Simply Superb!!! Ed
  15. DocH

    Greetings Friends!! Long Time No See!!

    Hi All! has been a LONG time since We checked in here! And Ms Yangdu, A Special Hello and Best Wishes for You!! Just thought We would say Hi here and refresh Ourselves with The Forum! Circumstances dictate that We have to part with Some of Our treasured blades so will post them when...
  16. DocH

    Remembering Uncle Bill and Rusty

    Greetings Auntie, Sandy and I just want to say We are So Glad that We know You, and in a way Know Uncle Bill and Rusty. Thank-You for All that You are. Ed n Sandy
  17. DocH

    Historical Khukuri Gets A New Life

    Hi All! LTNS... This blade sounds very neat!! Can't wait to chat again with ALL Ed n Sandra
  18. DocH

    Greetings, Updates & Such

    Howard.... Troubles are just a small pothole in the road of life..... If I was to not look at what we DO have as a blessing and offer onto our friends blessings as well..... Well, we'd be digging ourselves out of a mighty big ditch. ;)
  19. DocH

    Greetings, Updates & Such

    NP RE: the edit...... ;) I had a feeling I might have made a mistake posting it like that.... Will have Ed read up on all the rules and regs to refresh before posting... Thanks San (Willow)
  20. DocH

    Greetings, Updates & Such

    Hey All... We know it has been a while since we have been here to post or to do some "sharking" as it may be. Things have been a bit crazy here with Dr. visits, vehicles breaking, the boys growing, and life in general. A quick update... I think the last time we posted was shortly before...