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  1. sven00100

    Buck 212

    Oh thanks! Haha my noobness... I was looking on a few sites to try to find hardness and I was looking at another 212 made in W2 and got confused in the process. I guess same question though. Any idea what hardness this was heat treated to or source of D2 (e.g. Bohler K110/Crucible)...
  2. sven00100

    Buck 212

    Any idea what these are HRC? I was surprised not to see hardness figures, granted it's W2, but I assume it's tempered . . . Also curious if Buck has figures on their sourcing for steel since carbon can vary so widely in the alloy. I don't know much about metallurgy, but I'm looking for a gift...
  3. sven00100

    *SOLD* Hitachi Blue K-tip Gyuto Repost

    If it's still available, I'll take the AEB-L Chef's knife! I'll send a PM in a bit
  4. sven00100

    ATS-34 Kitchen Utility

    I'll take it! I've never purchased anything on here before, so send me a message with what you need from me :)