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    1000 Post Knife Giveaway

    thanks for the cool giveaway. count me in
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    What lock would you like to see in the next Sage?

    i still think that an emerson themed sage with the wave and g10 handles with a ti liner lock would be awesome
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    Sage 4 - what's it going to be?

    i think that an emerson sage would be cool. a ti liner lock with g10 scales and a wave opener
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    **5.56 Giveaway** Sharpmaker+Extras**Contest Over**

    i'm in, thanks for the giveaway
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    TiSurvival giveaway You pick what you want!

    I'm in for some TiSurvival thanks for the chance.
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    First Giveaway of 2011 - WE HAVE WINNERS!!!

    18 thanks for the chance
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    Boker Giveaway

    count me in. thanks for the giveaway
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    Christmas giveaway

    i'm in, thanks for the giveaway
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    clip plate for original izula sheath?

    well, i got my clip plate in today, and i'm loving it. it seems like its oriented for left hand carry straight out of the factory, but it can be reversed. fits great in the pocket, and i think its exactly what the izula was missing
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    How many knives do you carry daily?

    usually i carry 2-3. in LFP my medium-large folder for normal cutting tasks (spyderco police g10, delica wave, cold steel spartan) in my change pocket a sheeple friendly knife for public cutting tasks (case small texas toothpic CV, or spyderco cricket pe) and sometimes in RFP a balisong because...
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    WTT NIB Bradley Alias I

    i have a bm53 if your interested
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    wtt: new strider buck 889 sbmf

    any interest in a spyderco police g10
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    2 Buck Striders FT

    any interest in a spyderco police g10 plain edge?
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    Knif3buy3r --- Don't Buy From

    just my two cents, but i've done a couple of deals with DaBird on some other forums, and he caused no BS. he was very down to earth and was easy to do business with. i wouldnt let this statement discourage anybody from doing business with Jerry. from my experience he is a great guy to do...
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    clip plate for original izula sheath?

    sweet i will definitely be buying one thanks for the response
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    clip plate for original izula sheath?

    i see that the izula 2 complete kit will be coming with a belt clip plate for the sheath. since the blades are the same size on the izula 1 i should fit right? i hope they sell that separately, i would love one for my regular izula
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    1K GIVE AWAY....hey it rhymes **WINNER POSTED**

    815 please thanks for the giveaway
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    Benchmade 42 for sale (final price drop)

    hey man, you are going to get in trouble with the mods for listing in the for sale section without an upgraded membership.
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    Contest-Monkey Fist and lanyard set

    i'm in, i'll take 206
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    Benchmade 42 trade for Microtech

    its not an otf, but i'll trade you a discontinued microtech UMS plus some cash for it if your interested