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  1. malextwo experience

    I've probably purchased 3-4 knives from KA over the years and had a positive experience each time. I find myself in this forum now, because I'm looking for a dealer to handle another 3-4 high end consignment sales. AZCK seems like a good bet. Any opinions? Mike
  2. malextwo

    Scads of Trads...

    same goes as for the above: (ask questions) 6)Robeson Jack Ebony 3 3/8" $45 SOLD 7)Hammer (NYC) Jack Ebony 3 3/8" $25 (weak primary spring) 8)Schrade Stockman Delrin 2 3/4" $25 (ex cond) SOLD 9)Shapleigh D-E 4 Blade 2 7/8" Pen (Beautiful) Bone $65 (very faint hairline on reverse pin/only...
  3. malextwo

    Scads of Trads...

    Gotta make room, and need the $$! These knives for the most part are in good condition. Please ask questions. More pics available on request. PayPal(4%), personal check (must clear), m.o. ConUS Only. No trades at this time. First "I'll take it" supersedes any pending offers, questions or...
  4. malextwo

    Hanson Ivory/Wharny LL FS Giveaway Price

    Giveaway Price Bump Mike
  5. malextwo

    A Brief Study On Swedges

    A great tutorial (thanks zerogee for pointing it out to me). Thought I'd bump it. I wish there was a way members could bookmark some of their favorite threads (or is there?) because I often cannot find the correct "search words". Mike
  6. malextwo

    Rick Menefee: Mammoth Ivory Eureka Jack

    Beautiful, beautiful knife!! Can you explain "cut and drawn swedges"? Thanx, Mike
  7. malextwo

    *2nd Update* I love it, I always wanted one, and I've got to send it back

    Can we watch the cracks about those of us without "opposable thumbs"? Mike
  8. malextwo

    Ken Coats Black Shadow SOLD

    Really like that knife, esp. the blade profile!! Mike
  9. malextwo

    Enrique Pena: Inbound For X-mas...

    Absolutely remarkable!! Well done, Enrique! Merry Christmas, Elliott. Mike
  10. malextwo

    Hanson Ivory/Wharny LL FS Giveaway Price

    Final reduction $1000 Mike
  11. malextwo

    Hanson Ivory/Wharny LL FS Giveaway Price

    This is as low as I can go... Mike
  12. malextwo

    Jerry Halfrich: A New Pattern

    Kudo's to all three involved!! I love the frame shape - almost a sow's(belly) leg. (Hope I'm not out of line.) Mike
  13. malextwo

    Hanson Ivory/Wharny LL FS Giveaway Price

    BTT w/price reduct. Thanx, Mike