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  1. Impulse600

    Chris Reeve Sable III nib for Inkosi

    I would be interested in this trade. I have a brand new in box large micarta Inkosi never carried
  2. Impulse600

    Knife Rights: WA "Spring Blade" Knife Ban Repeal Passes Senate

    Hello Doug I would be happy to do what I can do help again. Mussie
  3. Impulse600

    Bradford USA: Guardian 4, 5, 6

    They are still available
  4. Impulse600

    Zero Tolerance 562 Couple Questions

    loctite is your friend
  5. Impulse600

    JD Van Deventer Gold Standard

    Sad I missed this :confused:
  6. Impulse600

    Update: ZT 0562 rattles when closed

    the stop pin prob is what is rattling
  7. Impulse600

    blade discoloration

    It prob a little oxidation from sitting in the sheath. Flitz polish should remove it
  8. Impulse600

    Brian Tighe - Tighe Down

    Please remove
  9. Impulse600

    Spyderco Stretch 2 ZDP-189

    I have a spyderco Stretch 2 in ZDP-189 that I have never used and is just sitting around so lets see what someone wants to trade for it.
  10. Impulse600


    sorry :confused:
  11. Impulse600


    wanna trade for a spyderco stretch 2 in zdp-189